What is the most rare medical condition

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Not sure of the rarest but Prion Disease is a Sleeping disorder passed down in families where you suffer from extreme insomnia.The proteins in your body are misfired and you never sleep and die.Terrible!ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-rare-medical-condition ]
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What is the most rare medical condition
Not sure of the rarest but Prion Disease is a Sleeping disorder passed down in families where you suffer from extreme insomnia.The proteins in your body are misfired and you never sleep and die.Terrible!ChaCha on!
How can I research my rare medical condition?
You should do just what you’re doing. Talking to People & Asking Questions.. I would also do searches thru google, yahoo, etc etc and see if you can find more info about it. Find Orthopedic Specialists that deal with this problem and ta…
Where can a single father with a child with a rare medical condit…?
Good luck- if it was a single mother in this situation, there would be places to look for help. We are finding out the hard way that there is little help in anything for single fathers (my son has battled for months trying to get a fraction…

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Why is it that most unusual/rare medical diseases are found in China/Asia?
Q: I’m doing a report on medical conditions and have noticed that most of the unusual and rare conditions are found in Asia. Whether it Be China, Indonesia, Nepal, mostly those areas. I was wondering if there was a particular reason. I understand many cases are found in South America also and other places of the sort. I’m just wondering what it is about those countries that seem to ‘encourage’ these conditions.
A: What makes a disease or condition “unusual” or “rare” is that it is not commonly found within a given area. Even if many people within an area get a particular disease it will still be considered rare and unusual in a different area let alone a continent or two away. For example, there is a disease called “Valley Fever” or “Desert Fever” in the South West of the United States. It comes from the byproducts of a fungus/bacteria that grows on the pod of the Palo Verde tree. It is believed that many who spend much time/grow up in the South West have had enough exposure to it that they are relatively not affected. Tourists and new comers to the area often end up pretty sick with it. Doctors in the South West know to look for it. Doctors outside the area consider it rare and unusual; although this has been changing over the past 30-40 years. But, you can be assured that a Chinese doctor, European doctor, Australian doctor, etc… would consider it all the more “rare” and “unusual”. The same/similar could probably he said about hepavirus, and even possibly about Lyme Disease.
Lowe syndrome is a rare genetic condition that causes physical and mental handicaps and medical problems?
Q: Boys with Lowe syndrome are born with cataracts in both eyes which are usually removed at a few months of age. Glaucoma is present in about 50% of the boys with Lowe syndrome. though usually not at birth. Slowly progressive renal failure if the major cause of mortality, with death usually occurring in the second or third decade of life. About 1/3 of patients have profound mental retardation, but most have IQ’s in the moderate range of 40-54. It is a hereditary condition that affects only males, caused by a single defective gene in a gene called OCRL1. Because of this defective gene an essential enzyme called PIP2-5-phosphhatase is not produced. This enzyme is localized in the Golgi apparatus and appears to play a role in cellular trafficking. Deficiency of this enzyme may impair proper cellular protein sorting. A normal man and normal woman have had one male child who dies of Lowe syndrome. What is the probability that their next child will be affected with the syndrome?
A: Probability is 0.5The normal woman is a carrier of this x-linked trait, and all her sons by this mate will be affected, as they only get the abnormal x-chromosome.
suicide, please help?
Q: i just don’t know what to do. i feel like every thing i do is wrong. i feel like a failure, sometimes i feel that the kids would be better off without me . my kids have a rare medical condition & i feel so stressed most of the time because i have no-one to talk to & my husband is not very supportive as he doesn’t understand how complicated & stressful it is looking after them. i feel that the kids would be better off without me being such a bitch & so stressed all the time. my family is not there for me either so i feel like i am so alone. i love my kids to death, but i don’t feel like i am emotionally able to be there for them, what should i do, i don’t want to feel this way anymore.
A: I am sorry that you are overwhelmed. You need to get help to get better. First call your doctor and get a physical and have your mental health assessed. Do it today. You could have hormonal problems causing your depression. Do you kids have disabilty and case management? If not, you may qualify for services. Check with local Catholic Charities to get advice and direction. Remember that life=change. This situation won’t last forever. You can make changes and survive this crisis. Good Luck.
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