What is the name of the disease when you can’t fall asleep

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It sounds like you are referring to insomnia. Insomnia is not a disease though. It is a condition. Go ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-name-of-the-disease-when-you-can%27t-fall-asleep ]
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What is the disease when you fall asleep all the time
Narcolepsy is the word you are thinking of. Thanks for using ChaCha!
What is that disease were you fall asleep out of no were??
This disease is known as Narcolepsy. its called epilepsy
How likely is it to die from natural causes ( falling asleep in y…?
Ususally people don’t die from “natural causes” unless they are very elderly and didn’t have a serious health problem. All other deaths are from murders, suicide, and disease.

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What could be wrong with him?
Q: My friend and I are fostering a litter of kittens from the local shelter. The kitties are about 4 weeks old (one is about 5 weeks and is from a different litter, but she got mixed in with ours). They all act like normal young kitties (I guess – I’ve never really been around little kitties before). But one of them – a little boy named Kesler – seems off. He was very aloof the first day and didn’t want to go near his siblings. He spent most of the first day huddled underneath our legs. We thought he was just a little freaked out by the change of scenery, but then he got a little weirder.We gave him a bath a couple days ago because he was really gross. It seems like he gets dirtier than the rest of his siblings. He’ll relieve himself on the floor and then walk through it or lay in it. He refuses to use the litter box; we put him in it when he looks like he has to go, but he gets out and does his business right next to the box. It’s almost like he doesn’t understand it, but the rest of his siblings have learned and we’re still trying to teach him.We bathed him and then I dried him off and put him on a heating blanket on my lap. He curled up and fell asleep for a little while. He woke up and started squirming, so I picked him up and he started pooping while I was holding him, almost like he couldn’t hold it. This hasn’t happened since, thank goodness. He gets really dirty every day, so he needs a daily wipe-down, if not a daily bath. I feel sorry for him, though, because he absolutely hates this.Today we noticed that he doesn’t like to move much. He enjoys climbing up on our laps and sitting, but he doesn’t like to walk. When he does walk, his gait looks almost like his spine is curved. He can’t seem to move his back legs well and he twitches them when he tries to take a step. He’ll pick up a paw, move it forward, let it hover there for a few seconds, then bring it back and put it back down where it was originally. It’s like he doesn’t get it, or just can’t seem to do it. He’s wobbly when he does walk, so I was thinking he may have cerebellar hypoplasia, but the videos I’ve seen on YouTube of cats with CH are extreme. Is it possible for there to be a really mild case? Also, he doesn’t like to be held in our hands. He meows for attention and he’ll jump into our laps, but something about our hands or fingers makes him nervous and he squirms and writhes and panics. I don’t pick him up anymore because he doesn’t like it, but I feel really bad for him. One of our jobs as foster parents is to socialize the kittens, but how can I do this if the kitten wants attention but hates to be picked up?Any information or suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated. We’re planning to keep an eye on him for a couple days and if his symptoms don’t improve we’re going to call the shelter and take him back for a checkup. I want to have some idea of what could be wrong, though, because with the over-crowding at the shelter and their lack of funds, it’s not likely they’d be able to run a battery of tests to confirm or rule out various diseases. Thank you for any help you can give me!If the link works, here’s a picture of him: http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs098.snc1/4732_1106265942261_1395150430_30426620_2943701_n.jpg
A: if he had CH then you would have known it before now as CH kits will start exhibiting symptoms along about 2 to 3 weeks old when they are learning to walk. there does seem to be something wrong with this kit. you need to contact the shelter or their vet and get it in for an exam ASAP. if the kit has distemper then it will rapidly spread to the others and kill them all.if he has abdominal pain from distemper, FIP, parasites, giardia, coccidia, or anything else then he will walk hunched up and he will not want to be held.
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