What is the percentage of females that have an std

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26% of females have a sexually transmitted disease, and over half of those are teenager. Anything else we can answer for you? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-percentage-of-females-that-have-an-std ]
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What percentage of females have a sexually transmitted disease?
As many as 25 percent of woman have an STD. Thanks ChaCha!

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Sex Dolls For People Whom Can’t Get Partners?
Q: I’m diagnosed with a mental disorder classified as Social Anxiety Disorder. The foundation of this disorder is a high level of anxiety produced by social situations. These symptoms can range from a low level of shyness to full blown panic attacks. The anxiety is unpleasant and as a result influences a person’s entire life in a very subtle insidious way.As a result of anxiety being triggered by social situations this naturally leads to less social opportunities for hanging out with friends of your own gender (in my case males) and for meeting people of the opposite sex (females). The only solutions for SAD are medication and therapy. Both of these “solutions” are only in their infancy and only work partially. The majority of SAD sufferers learn to cope with symptoms rather than eliminate them. As it stands now the DSM-IV states there’s no cure for SAD and it’s a permanent life long disorder.I think it stands as a fact that some will never successfully get a partner. This could be severely obese people, people with many amputations, severe burn victims or people like myself with mental disorders. Perhaps some of these people will luck out but it’s an undeniable fact that a percentage, no matter what, will go on partner-less.This leaves a predicament, people like myself will be precluded from entering relationships. Yet we still have a healthy libido. This leads to sexual frustration. So after this long wind up I’m curious on what people think is a healthy or reasonable sexual outlet for people like myself whom statistically speaking are unlikely to ever have a partner.Is legal prostitution in some place like a Nevada brothel, which has STD and other checks a good solution?Or is getting something like an ultra realistic sex doll from some place like Real Dolls a better solution?Whatever the case is, these are both last resorts. I and many others in this predicament would prefer a relationship with another real person who loves us. Unfortunately our options are very limited.
A: You need an introvert- like me 🙂 who understands a bit of what you’re going through. Someone who can recognize your deer-in-the-headlights look, and suggest we grab some air, before you have to think of a way out of the social situation. Someone who would rather stay home by the fire, than hit the club. We are out there…In the meantime, I don’t think there’s anything at all unhealthy about legal prostitution or dolls. Everyone needs an outlet, right?
I know i am extremely stupid. When a person has hepatitis B or C will they have symptoms to diagnose it?
Q: When a person has either hep a b or c what is the percentage of people do not have symptoms?Say like if a person hasn’t been tested yet & they are not showing no signs or systems. They go into the dr & do a blood test for hep a b or c. Are there lots of people like this that don’t show no symptoms. I know this is possible but how possible?I am going to tell u my story. You can tell me how stupid i am. Trust me i know this already. I got a hepatitis a & b shot about a week ago. Any ways one of my fb’s ive been doing stuff with caught hep b i would say about jan of of 2009. I am pretty much sure he has hep either b or c cause well of the symtems he is having. He was throwing up. Wouldnt drink no milk. Wouldnt eat nothing sweet or anything fattening cause it bothered his stomach. I think he either caught it from another partner or from jail when he was in there i am not sure. He has not been tested but im pretty sure he has it. I have read on the signs & symtems of hep a b & c & it sounds like he has it. Well i have been giving him bj’s for the past 6 months. I know his girl has it as well. She also had the same symtems about 3 months later thats how i know its sexually transmitted & hep b & c are sexually transmitted. I cant figure out what else they would have if it wasnt hep b or c. Now i havent seen a std test from either one of them either the female or male so i am only making asumptions but i am pretty sure i am right. Any ways if i was giving him bj’s why didnt i catch hep b or c?I am pretty sure i do not have it or i would have not gottin the shot. I have never thrown up at all. Ive had a lil liver pain once in awhile but that was once or twice and thats it. Nothing more. That could of been of had a galbadder issue to. I take vitamins daily & they bother my stomach some but other then that i dont think that would be hepatitis. My eating habits havent changed yet either. I am not losing weight actually i am gaining weight & i know with hepatitis u lose weight not gain. But any ways i will ask my question again why did i not catch hepatitis from giving him bj’s & she did catch it from having sex with him. I am not understanding that. I know hepatitis is very catchy. Please explaine thanks. Oh & please tell me your comments on this. If u want u can call me stupid if u like to. Cause i know i am. I am very lucky to not have caught this. Thanks every one.
A: If you are a doctor like you say or a nurse as in your avatar, then you should know the answers to these questions. Look it up on Wikipedia or the hundreds of other websites when you do a search that will cover all the information you need about hepatitis. The details are way too long for anyone to take the time to give to you here when it is so readily available all over the internet. As far as why someone would get it from sex and not a BJ? Well, first of all you don’t know where this woman actually got infected with viral hepatitis or even if she got it from you old boyfriend. She might have been the one to give it to him and not the opposite. Secondly, it is spread by blood to blood contact. Common sense would tell me that it would be easier to spread through actual intercourse or maybe anal intercourse sooner than you would get it from a BJ which would usually just be saliva and not blood mixing. Sharing needles is a very common way to get it. With being in prison and all, it doesn’t sound like you old BF is a boyscout, so he could have caught it in a number of ways.The only way to find out if someone actually has any viral hepatitis is a simple blood test. Anyone that suspects they might be exposed to it should get one done. And when you go to a doctor, don’t be afraid to ask him/her all the medical questions you have. Write them down ahead of time if you think you will forget them. I do it all the time.
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