What is the point of circumcision? More

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Partially doctors believed it had good hygiene/prevented disease but more research is being done that says its not needed. Thanks [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-point-of-circumcision%3F-more ]
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because it is part of the jewish religion it is like for purity i think its only what jewish people have
There is no point to circumcision as long as a man cleans. As long as he takes 10 seconds to clean in the shower it’s no big deal. A foreskin is not dirty and it is in no way difficult to clean. (trust me on that I have had a little exsperi…
It’s not evil, in most cases it is part of religious tradition. In other cases, parents elect to have their sons circumcised for reasons of hygiene. I am not Jewish, but my parents decided to have me snipped when I was born. I have never re…

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What is the point of circumcision?
Q: What is the point of circumcision?Why do men do that besides religious beliefs? What are the effects? Does it feel better or worse during sex? Are you less or more horny? Do you ladies care if man is circumcised or not?
A: Besides religious beliefs, many do it for the supposed hygiene benefits. However, if the ‘owner’ washes his foreskin well, there is no need based on that. There really aren’t all that many effects, other than that it can lessen sensation, due to the high number of nerve endings found in the flesh being removed. Although it is certainly not across the board, many women don’t like the look of the uncircumcised penis, but there are certainly those who prefer it as well.I have no idea if it affects how horny you’d be.
WTF is the point of circumcision????!!!!?
Q: Can someone PLEASE tell me why people still cut off the skin of baby boys’ penises?? I think its highly stupid. Im uncut, so Im happy….but I dont see the PURPOSE in it…..I think Jewish ppl still do it…..i dont know…..oh and for those who may not know…..uncut penises look EXACTLY the same as cut when erect…..EXACTLY……I just dont understand why some girls dont like uncut……it is been proven that uncut allows guys to last longer and have greater/more ejaculations……just to let you knowThink about it…..cutting off the “extra” skin makes your head dryer and is proven to lessen sensitivity on the head of the penis…..obviously not a huge amount…..but its still a decrease…..Also it is said to make sex slightly less enjoyable because your skin doesnt go all the way up to the head………I JUST DONT GET THE POINT!!! I heard that some ppl do it b/c it is suppsedly cleaner…..which is extremely false…..a guy who is cut but doesnt wash his dick is gonna be dirtier than a uncut guy who does.I have also heard that its somehow supposed to curb masturbation….this is laughable…..oh and it doesnt increase your partners chances of getting a STD and it doenst make you more likely of getting one either.I just dont get what the point is…….and I just dont see what the “religious” purpose behind it is…..honestly is seems kinda barbaric and perverted in a way to me…..LOL….I just posted this b/c I was just having a conversation with my g/f about it…..lol…..im boredoh and im NOT trying to disrepect cut guys or something….LOL….just thought id say that.for ppl saying it isnt cleaner…if you take a shower everyday and clean it like a normal person……theres no problem!lol….no Jag im not “angry/confused” b/c of this….lol…..if i was i would just go and get it cut……i just dont see the point….and for ppl saying you cant clean it….um u just pull the foreskin back and wash….lol….its not like sealed or something….lol
A: There aren’t any advantages and only loss in sexual pleasure after, as the protected membrane type knob with all of the nerve receptors on the surface looses it’s protection and becomes dry normal multi layered skin.I find the cleanliness comment that always comes up to be offensive. Offensive to men in general as though we are dirty and incapable of sliding the skin back and keeping ourselvesAs for the ant eater remark, they may look like that in early childhood, but during puberty when we become men, the skin ordinarily shows the tip of the knob, and slides back on it’s own to be the same look hard on as any other penis except it is ready to feel huge feel good to the sensation of slippery. It’s about the best sexual function and best pleasure,and best possible working unit not a twisted notion of how to give it a strange look.Nature has come up with the best working model possible.I have natures best designer gear, know how it feel and what it does for me, and no goofy could ever talk me out of it.My lady loves it even more.Hahaha!Many girls like a natural Dude better because of his huge feelings and how wild they can make him.Most girls don’t care one way or the other.. it’s about the guy, and some girls who talk about an ant eater wouldn’t know the difference between a natural Dude hard and a circumcised Dude hard unless they looked for a more toward blue knob that was a bit shiny instead of pink and dry. You have natures best Man, walk proud and feel good about youreslf Me! :- )
Should circumcision be made compulsory?
Q: AIDS: Kenya targets more male cutsBY CATHERINE KARONG’OUpdate 1 hours and 44 minutes agoNAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 24 – The government intends to scale up male circumcision by targeting 150,000 uncircumcised males annually in a move to reduce new HIV infections.Head of the National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP), Nicholas Muraguri said on Tuesday that over Sh300 million would be required every year to implement the programme in the next five years.Dr Muraguri said the Ministry of Public Health wanted to create demand in communities that do not practice circumcision, starting with Nyanza, and then move to other areas like Turkana and Teso districts.“As for every 1,000 males who are circumcised, in high HIV prevalence areas, we avert 250 new infections of HIV. It makes economic sense then to offer this type of service to everybody,” he said.“We are looking for a solution for HIV. We cannot continue business as usual where we have HIV prevalence at 15 percent in some regions, in some communities 30 percent and in some areas, half of the men are HIV positive,” the NASCOP head added.“We need to work together as a team, HIV is not a regional problem it’s a national issue.”Speaking at a briefing on male circumcision, Dr Muraguri however noted that 84 percent of adult males in Kenya were already circumcised, leaving 16 percent which the ministry was targeting.“What we want is to circumcise as many men as possible within the shortest time.”He said about 100,000 new HIV infections occurred in Kenya annually, which could be reduced by up to 50 percent, through the promotion of male circumcision.Senior Programme Manager, Male Circumcision Consortium, Mores Loolpapit said the scale up followed a survey conducted two years ago in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, which indicated that male circumcision reduced the risk of HIV infection by 60 percent.“The results we have had from the vaccine trials in the last 10-15 years have been disappointing. Whereas we are hopeful that a vaccine would also come through, the reality is that we already have mechanisms of preventing people from getting HIV/AIDS, and what we probably need to do is to strengthen those programmes,” said Dr Loolpapit.“We hope that by promoting male circumcision, that would be one way of preventing HIV transmission.”Dr Loolpapit also said that at the beginning of 2000, there was a bit of evidence on circumcision and prevention of HIV but it was felt that clinical trials had to be conducted first.“And the reasons for this were that the studies were observational and some people felt the studies did not exclude external interferences such as differences in sexual behaviour, due to differences in cultural practices.”He said this necessitated the randomised controlled clinical trials to be done, to erase the doubts.Biological research suggests that male circumcision is effective at preventing male acquisition of HIV because the prepuce (foreskin) contains many Langerhans cells. These are immune cells that are targeted by HIV.By removing these cells it becomes more difficult for HIV to find an entry point into the body.It is however not known whether male circumcision also reduces the likelihood of HIV transmission from men to women.
A: No dear.The American Pediatric Association declared that there are no medical benefits whatsoever to circumcision …HIV prevention can be done via proper sex ed and systematic use of condoms. Recent serious biological and medical research confirmed that circumcision does not prevent the spreading of aids apart from the time without sex due to cicatrisation after the intervention on male adults.
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