What is the possibility of preeclampsia

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Risk of developing preeclampsia inc if you have a history of the condition, are over 35, overweight, diabetes or kidney disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-possibility-of-preeclampsia ]
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What are the possibility of having preeclampsia again in second p…?
I’m sorry for your loss. Pre-eclampsia is possible in any pregnancy. I had it with my third child and they induced me thre weeks early and luckily she was fine, and pre-eclampsia wasn’t an issue with my fourth. If you are pregnant, or are p…
Is it possible I have preeclampsia?
It sounds like you are experiencing regular old pregnancy ailments. The tell-tale sign of preeclampsia or toxemia is high blood pressure. The nausea is very common during pregnancy. Some women experience it through out. Some women also deve…
Is it possible that I have Preeclampsia?
mariquilla wrote: Hi all! This is my first pregnancy and I know that I may misinterpret many things happening to me, but still I just want to make sure that everything goes “by the book”. Lately I gained some weight and I’ve noticed moderat…

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Question about preeclampsia. ?
Q: I am 31 weeks and at my check up this week my Dr asked me to do a 24 hour urine test this weekend to bring in on Monday. Apparently I have protein in my urine. I also have started to swell a lot more than I had been. Due to this she is keeping an eye out for the possibility of preeclampsia. However, my blood pressure is currently fine at 122/79. I typically have low blood pressure (pre-pregnancy 110/65 would be normal for me). Has anyone dealt with this situation? What are the chances of me developing preeclampsia if my blood pressure has so far been fine?
A: Many women put out a little bit of protein in later pregnancy. It doesn’t always mean you are developing preeclampsia. They are just being cautious, because there are some occassions when blood pressures are one of the last signs of preeclampsia rather than the first signs.It is possible to develop it without a huge dramatic increase in pressures, but that’s pretty rare.
Any women out there with mild preeclampsia?
Q: I just found out that there is a possibility that I might have mild preeclampsia. I’m pretty scared at this point and I won’t find out until next week if I have it or not. Obviously he wasn’t too scared…he didn’t put me on bed rest or anything. My question is, what did your doctor make you do? Bed rest? Early delivery? I’m trying not to freak out which is bad for the baby but I can’t stop crying. I keep thinking of worst case scenarios.If you don’t know what preeclampsia is, then maybe don’t answer?
A: Honey, first of all calm down. Even if it is mild you do NOT need your blood pressure to escalate. I had mild preeclampsia at 6 months. For me, it did escalate a bit during the middle of my 7th month..my bp was 150/95 and I had protein in my urine. My doctor put me on “slight” bed rest (he did take me out of work), and required that I take my bp a few times a day and call him 2 times a week with my bp readings, my dr visits were increased to 1 time per week, that early. If I swelled or my bp was up, I was to lay on my left side for 30 minutes and call my dr.My due date was April 20th. On April 4th I had my appt. I was at 2 cm. and had lost my plug. My bp was still elevated but I was keeping it under control with diet and rest. I had a ton of water retention in my face, legs, and feet. We scheduled for an induction on April 8th, at 7am. At 9pm on the 8th, I was only at 4 cm. and had piggy back contractions, 1 minute apart. With each contraction, my bp and heart rate would shoot up and the baby’s would drop. They decided to do an emergency C-Section. I had a very healthy 8.5 lb boy with a 10 apgar. As for me, I was just tired and had quite of bit of swelling in my feet and legs.Listen to your doctor. Remember it is usually NOTHING you have done wrong!!!! Keep doing what your dr. tells you to do, if you DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR DR….YOU MAY END UP IN THE HOSPITAL ON BEDREST (you DO NOT want that!).Stay calm, listen to your dr. Congrats on your baby hunny! It will be fine!
What do you put in your bag to the hospital?
Q: I’m 33 weeks pregnant, and I am being tested for preeclampsia, the doctor thinks I may have it. With the possibility of early delivery, when should I have my bags packed and what should I pack? Thanks!
A: PJ’sbathrobeshampoo/conditionarhair brushtoothbrush/pastemakeup ir you are a girly girlunderwearpadsnursing padscomfortable clothes to go home in (and don’t think you will be able to fit into prepregnancy clothes! bring maternity or extra large)clothes for the baby to go home inbooks or magazines to read while waiting for the babyand a cameraUsually the hospital provides diapers, bottles, formula, pacifires ect
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