What is the show with the half man, half tree

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Dede, also known as the Treeman, suffers a disease that is encasing his body with tree like roots. The TLC showcases his story. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-show-with-the-half-man%2C-half-tree ]
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Why would God create Half Man -Half Tree ?
Are you serious? They’re called warts. Look them up sometime. His body isn’t fighting off the infection for some reason and doctors aren’t sure how to help him. This has to be the worst question I have seen asked tonight. Even worse than t…
How is Dede of half man, half tree?
It is actually still going on. They have not found a cure. It is not just HPV, but herpes as well. That is why there are so many warts to begin with. I hope he will lead a normal life soon.
Who has seen the half man half tree video on discoerychannel.com??
Yeah I agree. Except I saw it on Youtube so I wasn’t sure whether or not it was real…now I know! You can find it on Youtube by looking up “treeman”.

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Is anyone else offended by Discovery! Health’s ‘tree-man’ advertisement?
Q: I was watching TV tonight, and heard yet again about the upcoming special on Dede, an Indonesian fisherman with a rare genetic immune disorder who contracted Human Papilloma Virus, which caused “tree-like” warts all over his body, finally causing him to take on the appearance of having roots and branches.Discovery! Health’s advertisement claims him as “half man, half tree” and calls him “tree man” not even mentioning his name! This is so offensive in my mind, advertising this man as a freak of nature, when he was sick with HPV that his body couldn’t stop. I am considering writing to Discovery! Health with a complaint about the offensiveness of their advertisement…he’s NOT a “tree man” and he’s NOT “half tree.” He’s all human, just like all of us, and I hate to see someone be made into a freak show. I had heard about Dede and his condition a year or so back, and felt for him, but knew he would be all right since his condition is under check now. He joined a local “freak show” before he was helped, just to make ends meet…do they have to make him into a freak show all over again??If you want to know what exactly I’m talking about: http://www.discoverychannel.co.uk/myshockingstory/halfman/index.shtmlShould I write to D!H with a complaint about the offensive wording? Does it offend you, or is it just me? Every time that ad comes up, I just yell at the tv ‘He’s NOT half tree!” It upsets me so much that they are treating him as such a freak.Yes, the site gives his name and such, but on the advertisement, it does not. It just calls him treeman, and says he’s half man, half tree. So ridiculous; no one is half tree!I just realized there was a video on the link I provided. That is not the advertisement I’m talking about…I just provided that link as a reference to the show they are advertising.
A: wow your a really kind person,and if you want to take time out of your day to do that then go right ahead.may god bless you for your kindness
Please read my short story! Is it any good?
Q: OK, so we had to write just any story for L Arts, then vote on whose we liked best. Mine came in second, but I really don’t think its that good. Please read and tell me what you think! Oh and for some reason yahoo doesnt show italics, paragraph indents, or underlines…and keep in mind, Im only in the 8th grade! With that said, all honest, constructive criticism welcome!Twice the Fun “Uh-oh,” my 3 year old blonde haired brother said as he pointed out the window, “Christmas tree falling.” —- It was December 1st when my Dad loaded us up in the car for a surprise. We all knew where we were going though. This is probably because we did the same thing on the same day every year. Even so, my Dad still called it a surprise. “I know where we’re going, Daddy. What do you think I am, stupid?” I said in a know-it-all tone because I was 4 and there for thought that I did, in fact, know everything.. It didn’t matter though, I was still excited. Actually, I had been counting down the days for oh say, 3 weeks now. I would rip off a circle of my red and green paper chain as each day passed until finally, there were none left. And I knew what that meant: it was time to get the Christmas tree. Once we got to the tree farm my brother and I immediately raced to the back where the biggest ones were. For about an hour we circled trees looking for the perfect one. We had many requirements: not too skinny, no messed up branches, and it had to be the just right shade of green. Our most important rule though, was if you didn’t need a ladder to put the angel on, it was clearly too short. After what my parents would describe as forever, we finally found the right one. At 10 feet tall and a lush dark green color, I couldn’t help but think the same thing I did every year: we found the best tree ever! We got the saw and all watched on as my Dad started to cut it down, moving the blade back and forth in a smooth gliding motion. Once we got it cut down, we laid it on a rolling platform and wheeled it up to the tree man. Beaming, I told him that this was the one, and we tied it off on the top of the minivan. When the tree was secured with tightly knotted yellow strings, we were ready to go. Since I thought this tree was just flat out amazing, I was not too pleased when I followed my brothers pointing finger and looked out the window. My jaw dropped when I realized that yes, indeed, the front half of our tree was hanging off the side of the car. “Dad!” I screamed, “The tree!” He pulled over quickly, but it was too late. There in the middle of the highway was our perfect tree – only, after being run over by a car, it wasn’t so perfect anymore. My Dad jumped out and ran to get our tree, getting honked at several times along the way. He grabbed it, ran back, and balanced it carefully back on top of the car. From there we drove a racing speed of 5 MPH down the median, until we got to our neighborhood. As soon as we got home I jumped out to inspect the damage. As my Dad held it up my bottom lip started to quiver. It was no longer a tree, but half a tree – the top half was gone. “it’s not that bad,” my Dad said trying to sound positive, “We could put a giant teddy bear on the top half.” And that was it. I started to wail. “It’s terrible,” I yelled between sobs, “Christmas is ruined!” After hot cocoa and promises to get another tree, I was convinced that maybe it actually wasn’t the end of the world. I was, however, worried that we wouldn’t be able to find as nice of a tree. But as it turned out our replacement was, if not equally as great, pretty darn close. And on the plus side, we got to go Christmas tree shopping twice that year.
A: personally i think it was really good ! I think that you should have gotten 1st!
need help with tvshow?
Q: Can someone tell me what kind of show i can watch now?I just finished watching angel and now I’m bored :). These are the shows i like:SupernaturalBuffyAngelThe O.C.One tree hilltwo and a half menscrubsfriendsI don’t like dawson’s creek or the office cuz I think they are to slow.I would like you to give me a show that’s already finished airing cuz then I don’t have to wait every week for a new ep.
A: LostTrue BloodHeroesMy Name is EarlMalcolm in the Middle
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