What is the worst illness anyone can ever have

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Even though hear disease is the number one killer in America, cancer seems to be the worst illness b/c of how mysterious it can be [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-worst-illness-anyone-can-ever-have ]
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Does anyone else with mental illnesses struggle with people belie…?
You must keep in mind that bipolar, schizo, OCD, depression, are all recently defined conditions, defined by a select group of people. There is definitely an incentive for doctors AND drug companies to create more conditions, whether or not…

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Has Anyone Ever Gotten Over Severe Depression or Any Mental Illness?
Q: I have received many answers to my questions on Severe Depression and Anxiety Attacks but no one seems to ever really get over it. 1. What type of mental problems have you experienced?2. Are you taking medication and does it help?3. Are you under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist? 4.Do you experience Anxiety or Panic Attacks?5. Do you believe that we can ever really get well?I suffer depression and panic attacks and know many who do also. But, I have never found anyone to get totally over it. I have ups and downs. And at times I think I am getting better, but then I go back down again.Please tell me and the others about your experiences good or bad. In my personal opinion, I do not think any doctor or medicine can really prevent mental illness.One thing I wanted to add is that Depression Really does hurt. Others just cannot see or understand the pain, like we do!!!
A: Several Years ago I had sever depression. I went to counseling and was on a lot of medicine. I was experiencing panic and anxiety attacks. There were times when I did not think life was worth living. I was finally hospitalized and had 5 EST therapy. About a year after that and regulating my medication, I did get better. I can now function and do not have to spend all my days in bed or living in fear because of the panic attacks. I an now physically healthier.There are times when I may have a day or two of depression but it is not the severe dibilitating kind. I am only on two medicines now. One is for depression and the other for panic and anxiety attacksSince I believe depression is a chemical imbalance im most people, I do not think you ever completely get over it. I think we can get much better and able to function in society. But, I think the clinical illness is always there even if it is dormant. It takes a lot of personal work to keep from going back down and even we try our best, sometimes it is difficult to overcome because for me, I am freightened of having a major relapse. I just try every day to live in the moment and live by the serenity prayer. God Bless those who do suffer and don’t give up. Every day they are closer the healing this dreadful dibilitating diease.
Has anyone ever taken an exercise in prioritizing in the final months of life?
Q: I took a workshop some 20+ years ago in which we had an exercise in prioritization in the final months of life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. What I remember, is that we were given an initial scenario, then asked to prioritize our most meaningful things in our life (about 5 to 10 things). then were were given “updates” on our progressing illness (getting worse) and having to “whittle down” our list until finally ending up at that thing or things that mean most to each of us. Does anyone have any leads on where I can get a copy of this material or a similar exercise?
A: I haven’t seen the movie, but sounds like you’re describing the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson…check it out..I’m gonna see it as soon as i get a chance..I’m 68 yrs. old and in fairly good health but I could be making out my own list of things to do one of these days. good luck..
Really sick in Mexico DF, CFS Like Symptoms follow, then Coxsackie B4 Antibodies Discovered… Advice anyone?
Q: Okay, so here’s the deal. It’s a long strenous deal so bear with me, please.In 2005 I got really sick in Mexico. I had one of the worst illnesses I had ever had in a lifetime: super high fever, naseau, vomiting, “burning” sensation in the CNS, major fatigue, the chills, and double vision.. I might be leaving somethings out. Okay, so, the illness lasts for about 2 weeks and I was bed ridden for two weeks. I recovered about 80 percent and then I traveled back to the United States. While back in the states, I expected my health to improve, but it did the opposite. Day after day my health declined on a very gradual level. First, I couldn’t exercise as much and my strength was less and less. Then, I couldn’t eat. Next I couldn’t breath and then my eyes started to hurt. Third, my brain felt like it was disentigrating. Fourth, My muscles began to hurt. Fifth, Double vision. I began getting dizzy and seeing double. Now, all these symptoms came one after another in about a years time and the onset was slow, but very debilitating. I suffered from this from 05 to about 08 and then I discovered some things.I ruled out parasites, bacteria and current viral infections, and all my blood tests showed my body was fine.The only thing the doctors found was that I had antibodies for a Coxsackie B4 virus. I read that you can get the virus from eating raw pig, which is exactly what I did 4 days before my illness in mexico… I ate a pork sandwich. I also read that the virus can cause this onset of latter symptoms. Unfortunatly the doctors I went to don’t agree that this would be the cause of the problem, but they didn’t really heed to investigate my condition either. Now, my condition following the illness in mexico seems to match the characteristics of a strong coxsackie b4 infection, and the antibodies seem to confirm it.. in my mind it’s a slam dunk. So, I googled the term “coxsackie b4 testimonial” and got the testimony of an athlete of who was diagnosed with virus during the actual initial infection. His explaination was exactly the way I discribed my symtpoms and they were exact even to the onset of the latter symptoms. He said he used a protocol designed by Dr. Petrovic consisting of a large amounts of antioxidants.. and they have been workinghttp://www.cfidshealth.com/I have been on this protocol for about 3 months and it has substantially improved my condition. I also found vitamin Bs do a really good job and improving the condition. I also found this group of people who are able to get an amino acid that causes the body to release large amounts of antioxidants. I took that and felt significantly recovered.http://www.onconutrition.com/default.aspx?P=ProductsMainHere’s an article by Professor Pall explaining why antioxidants help the body recover from CFS.http://www.prohealth.com/library/showarticle.cfm?libid=14744So, my question is, can anyone provide any other helpful information.AND.. if anyone is suffering from what I just described, please contact me so I can give you my findings asap to help you recover.Thanks a bunchStephen
A: Ok so this doesn’t seem like a question more like spam… If you wanted to really ask a question you would have just said has anyone out there had Coxsackie b4? And that would have been the end of it. You could have emailed the rest of this novel. Also i did some reading up on the Coxsackie viruses, there is no cure only pallative care, like most viruses it has to run its course. So there you go:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coxsackie_B_virus
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