What is uncontrollable flatulence

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Uncontrollable flatulence is the inability to stop passing gas. Diseases are the number one cause of uncontrollable flatulence [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-uncontrollable-flatulence ]
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How to Cure Uncontrollable Flatulence
・ 1 Find out what is causing your problem. Uncontrollable flatulence is sometimes caused by an underlying… ・ 2 Remove lactose from your diet. In some instances, uncontrollable flatulence may be due to lactose intolerance… ・ 3 Stop eatin…
Did Hitler have uncontrollable flatulence
According to psychological profiles, Adolf Hitler had poor table manners and suffered from excessive flatulence. ChaCha on!
What does uncontrollable flatulence mean?
The inhability to stop farting. Bowl out of control. People with this syndrome usually don’t have many friends. People with this syndrome are advised not to opperate heavy machinery.

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Q: A man visits his doctor complaining of uncontrollable flatulence. The doctor tells him to undress, then leaves the room. Moments later he returns carrying a long pole with a hook on the end. “My God!” says the man, in terror. “What are you going to do with that?” “I’m going to open a window,” cracks the doctor. “It stinks in here.”
A: oh … my … God! I’d have had a heartattack right there in the middle of the doctor’s office! Hey … maybe then the man could’ve sued the doctor for malpractice, and got enough money so that everybody thought he smelled like a bed of roses!
Uncontrollable flatulence?
Q: This is very weird. I am having uncontrollable farting. It is getting kind of annoying. Its extremely loud and I cant stop. What should i do?
A: It’s something you’re eating. Start eliminating one thing a day. Something that you eat every day. Eventually you’ll fine the culprit.Try eliminating dairy products first, especially milk. You might be lactose intolerant.If it continues, mention it to your doctor next visit. Good luck! =)
Do you suffer from uncontrollable flatulence?
Q: Well then I have the perfect product for you. It’s called the A$$ Freshener. I’ve develped a suppository that reacts with the butyric acid, sulfer and methane that effectively change the fragrance of your flatus. I’m working on a number of different A$$ fragnrances from Fruity Strawberry to Garden Potpourri and hopefully I can get some of the perfume manufacturers on board as well. How nice would it be to expell unwanted gas within the work or recreation environment without the embarrasement of flatus odor? Friends and fellow coworkers would be equally delighted and complement you often. “Say, Phil that’s a lovely colonge you’re wearing. What is that?” “Actually its my new Hugo Sport Suppository A$$ freshener, thank you for noticing.”Does this product intrest you?
A: Hell yeah i want the cow manuer flavor… I wish my shit smelled as bad as theirs i have even tried eating grass… Their shit is strong!
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