What is Wolverine’s power in X-Men

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Wolverine has a healing factor that can heal virtually any wound or disease, and also slows his aging. He also has ..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-wolverine%27s-power-in-x%26%2345%3Bmen ]
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What was wolverine’s mutant power in the x-men movie??
His mutant power is super-healing. The Adimantium skeleton and claws were added in artificially. At least that’s what they said for years and years. Then they had the story arc where Magneto pulled the metal out of Wolverine’s body and it t…
Would Wolverine’s power be your ultimate X-Men power??
Hugh Jackman: No, I don’t think the claws would be my ultimate power. Really, every time you used it you’re up for life imprisonment. Which one would I like? The walking through walls is kind of cool but really… the telepathy. Telepath…

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What is Wolverine’s mutant power? X-MEN 3.?
Q: a) An unbreakable skeletal structureb) Twin razor sharp clawsc) An accelerated healing processIf his visor is removed in battle, what can Cyclops do to prevent stray optic blasts?a) Keep his eyes closedb) Submerge his head in waterc) Mentally switch his mutant power offd) None of the above
A: Wolverine:a) An unbreakable skeletal structureb) Twin razor sharp clawsc) An accelerated healing processCyclops:a) Keep his eyes closed
X men Questions?
Q: 1Who are the original 5 X-men? 2.What is Bishop’s Mutant Power?3.Who was taken over by the Phoenix?4.Which X-man can walk through solid objects? 5.What 3 X-men have telepathic abilities?6.What is Magneto’s real name? 7.How many children does Cyclops have? 8.Which Villains have been or are currently X-men?9.Who is the scientist that lives on Muir Island? 10.What’s the name of the X-men’s Jet?11. Name 3 foreign X-men and what country they hail from? 12.Which X-men have been horsemen of Apocalypse? 13.Who are the two x-men that accompanied Wolverine on his solo missions when they were younger? 14.What is Gambits power? 15.Rouge absorbed who’s powers to gain strength and flight? 16.What is the noise used to describe the sound when Nightcrawler teleports?17.Wolverine’s bones are covered in what metal substance? 18.How many siblings does Colossus have?19.What members make up the X-men’s “Blue Team”?20.What members make up the X-men’s “Gold Team”?
A: 1 – Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Jean Grey2 – ?3 – Jean Grey4 – Kitty Pryde5 – Professor X, Phoenix, Psylocke6 – Eric Lensherr7 – ?8 – Magneto9 – Moira McTaggert10 – 11 – Colossus – Russia, Nightcrawler – Germany, Magneto – Poland?12 – Angel (Death)13 – Kitty Pryde, ?14 – Converting matter (playing cards) into volatile explosive energy15 – Ms. Marvel16 – BAMF17 – Adamantium18 – one youger sister19 – ?20 – ?
Why couldn’t Silver Fox convince Striker to let her sister (EmilyFrost) go in the Movie X:MEN Origines?
Q: OK, so silver fox is Wolverine’s first love, and wife I think.In the movie, she was hired by Striker to make Wolverine believe in loving her for . In return, Striker would free her sister.But if Silver Fox’s power is to convince people do do what she says by touch, why couldn’t she just convince Striker to free her sister?However, I might be wrong and just confused about the story. Someone please explain…
A: Well, one could say that it was just one of those plot holes in the script, and the filmmakers didn’t do a good job of addressing it, or… in terms of the realm of the movie itself, I would say, that given she could have killed Stryker at the end, but chose not to because of her morals/ethics, she also didn’t want to change the course of things for the very same reason.Even though Stryker’s obviously a manipulative, exploitative guy, she still stuck to her principles.Think along the lines of Batman, who could save many lives by just killing the Joker. Killing one for the sake of saving many, but Batman lives according to his one main rule, that he will not kill others, because that would make him as bad as the criminals he’s fighting against.Hope that answers your question.
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