What is wrong if I’m dizzy and throwing up

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You may have vertigo. It is a false feeling that you are moving or that everything is spinning around you. Vertigo is a symptom that may be caused by diseases or conditions that affect the vestibular system. Go seek medical help if it persists. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-wrong-if-i%27m-dizzy-and-throwing-up ]
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What is wrong if I’m dizzy and throwing up
You may have vertigo. It is a false feeling that you are moving or that everything is spinning around you. Vertigo is a symptom that may be caused by diseases or conditions that affect the vestibular system. Go seek medical help if it persi…
What could be wrong if you are dizzy and feel like you are going …?
There are many reasons you could be dizzy and nauseous from mild to severe. If you are concerned, please see your doctor.
What could be wrong if I threw up from dizziness and could not ge…?
Dizziness is a term used to describe everything from feeling faint or lightheaded to feeling weak or unsteady. You should consult with a medical professional for more information about your condition. Thanks for asking ChaCha.

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Throwing Up During Period(Menstruation)?
Q: I’m 14 years old(almost 15) and i have been getting my period for 3-4 years now and almost every time i get my period i end up throwing up. I get the normal cramps,bloating, and what not. My cramps are sometimes really bad that i cant move. I also get severely dizzy and have trouble walking and my legs wont let me walk well. Ok but the throwing up part, ill get up in the morning and not feel anything but ill try to eat and i throw up or ill eat then throw up and then i cant eat the rest of the day cause ill throw up.(i miss school) What do you think is wrong? My mom knows about this and is wondering if she should take me to the doctor.i also take ibuprofen(fyi idk) if that helps it relives some pain.
A: I’m 25, and when I was 16 until about 19 I had severely bad cramps, with all the pain and symptoms you are describing. I would feel lightheaded and nauseous among other things, always on the first day. I missed school because of it too. It really is hard, but now I never have any problems, I think it went away when I was 22 or so. I know this is a problem for a lot of other girls as well, it is something many people have to deal with and it isn’t easy! The best things I found that helped me get through it better are:1.) Extra Strength Midol- put it in a banana or bread and swallow it so it doesn’t make you sick, as the coating on the pill can sometimes irritate the stomach. 2.) Magnesium supplement pill! Magnesium deficiency sometimes heightens cramps, so make sure you are getting enough by taking magnesium every day, but not TOO much, as it can be bad in high doses.3.) Vitamin E pill. Studies have shown taking vitamin E can help to relax the tissue in your pelvis, making cramps less painful.4.) Drink water, stay away from dairy, which can increase menstrual pain.4.) Get a heating pad…they really work wonders!Good luck, I hope you feel better, remember, there is nothing “wrong” with you, everyone reacts differently to hormones so this is normal for you, you just have to find ways to relieve the pain.
What can i do? I feel like throwing up everything. HELP AGAIN!?
Q: Ok so in my last question i said that i hadn’t been eating well. Only like 2 apples a day, or once day and very little.I don’t know what i was thinkingI wasn’t comfortable with myself.But thanks to you guys that answered my question I’ve been trying to eat more and healthy, you know like a salad with fish or grilled chicken but there’s one problem..Now everything i eat i feel like throwing up.And I don’t know why =(What can I do?I don’t want to be one of those girls who eat a lot but throw everything up.I have Gastritis and If i throw up It will eff up my esophagus.and i get dizzy once in a while too.What’s wrong with me?and what can I do?I’m 15 and I don’t know that much about this. =/
A: I’d really recommend that you go to your doctor, or another registered health professional and talk this through properly with them.This sounds very much like the early stages of an eating disorder so please please get help before it’s too late.Find a responsible adult / professional to talk to as soon as you can, and I’m sure you’ll get through this and be fine, but it’s really important that you see someone soon.
I just found out I’m pregnant?
Q: I went to the dr last night because I was throwing up and dizzy and didnt feel right. I havent had my period in 2 months, i took a pregnancy test last month and it said no. I figured it was just because I was stressed out. I’ve been on birth control for almost a year now and I thought we were safe. wrong. the dr. told us we were pregnant and I almost passed out. Our wedding is in 3 months, I just got laid off from work, and I smoke. So I have several questions. I had my wisdom teeth taken out last week and they put me to sleep, i had Xrays done, and I’m afraid that that will cause a miscarriage. Not only that, but I went out with my cousin a few weeks ago and got drunk. I smoke a pack a day and …. all this stuff could cause a miscarriage. We dont know how to tell my fiance’s parents, or when to tell them. Another question is, if i go on the “patch” to stop smoking…will that hurt the baby too? I know I have to quit but…what is out there to help me w/o hurting the baby?? HELP ME
A: hey, you got to change ur lifestyle. what is done is done (u got drunk, had an xray examination) we cant do anything about it… you have to focus on the modifiable factors (smoking and drinking) in order to prevent micarriage… telling ur family or his family is not a problem (unless u came from a conservative catholic country) since u guys are going to tie the knot months from now anyway. dont let problems such as this bother u, stress may also be a factor for miscarriage to occur. all you need to think now is how to change ur lifestyle so that you may not harm the baby… you might experience withdrawal syndrome, but hey that’s your baby we are talking about here right? i even had this close friend who really smoke a lot and from the very moment her doctor told her that she’s pregnant, without even thinking for an alternative, she quit. just think about it this way, in every puff you make, ur taking away a huge amount of oxygen that ur baby could have used…
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