What kinds of diseases can you get from consuming Poop

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There are several diseases you can get from consuming feces. Infectious diseases of a more serious nature include Meningitis, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kinds-of-diseases-can-you-get-from-consuming-poop ]
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What kinds of diseases can you get from consuming Poop
There are several diseases you can get from consuming feces. Infectious diseases of a more serious nature include Meningitis, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS.

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Q: my boyfriend is severely depressed, has been for at the very least 2 years now…ive been dating him for 2 and a half years. he tells me that hes always struggled with depression. anyway, it seriously has and still does bother me a lot. like when he gets in one of his moods i don’t know how to act, i cant be myself because im too worried about him. it pains me to see him like this. he does not have a job right now and does not have health insurance. he does go see someone at our local health and human services (therapist) to get prescriptions for his depression and ADD. these medicines have stopped working according to him and his therapist suggested celiac disease. (where your body cant handle gluetin) … (this causes the villi in your small intestin to become damaged when you consume foods with gluetin in them) well..ok, so now he has to change his diet completely so he doesnt damage his intestines anymore..but that is prooving to be hard for him because…the man can eat a lot of food and is kinda a bigger dude. the point is, his meds aren’t working anymore and on top of it… i cheated on him 6 months ago and he recently found out. im not saying what i did was right by any means what so ever…i did a really stupid thing and he hacked into my email and found out about it. i was going to tell him eventually, because the day or two before he hacked i broke down and told him things about me and my past that were devastatingly embarrassing for me to tell, i had never told anyone else before in my life about these things. i wanted to feel completely comfortable before i told him that i had cheated on him…this man has been in the mental health ward 3 times total that i know about and 2 of those times were recently. anyway, i do love my boyfriend but it is very hard to maintain a relationship with someone who is soooo very disturbed in the head…he’s also a very revengful person. he underestimates me way too much.. i KNOW what i did was wrong, i REGRET it. ive told him these things yet he tries to make me feel worse. im not one of those girls that tries to sweeten it all up..im not the kind of girl that doesnt beat myself up over stuff like this…but he insists on trying to make me feel like poop. i already do so i dont see the point. plus, i wont show him how much i feel bad when he tries to make me feel bad because i am stubborn and i wont cave to his tactics. being in a relationship with someone like him has been very difficult for me from the very beginning. im talking about before i went and cheated on him too. i have always felt like his dirty little secret…he hardly tells anyone that he’s “friends” with that we are dating…has since the beginning. ive told him this and he just brushes it off like its nothing…it has hurt me so bad. im not living with him..i left my abusive ex-husband and immediatly got in a relationship with my current boyfriend..in fact the relationships over lapped for a month or two…and my current bf knows this…he helped me leave my ex-husband..which resulted in a fight between the two of them…which caused my bf half of a fake face now..i feel like i may be rambling now…sorry if youve read all of this and dont understand what im asking..i guess any type of advice would help alot and would be appreciated.
A: The two of you may have been together the past 2 years, but it doesn’t seem like much communication has been going on. Let’s start with his depression first. I wouldn’t just advise someone to dump someone because of a medical condition that they have. You said that he was taking medication but it has stopped working. Has he gone back to the doctor to get a different treatment plan? I’m asking this because you can’t help anyone unless they are willing to help themselves. You cheating on him was wrong. You said that he refers to the two of you as “friends” and that your relationship has been very difficult from the very beginning….sound like an excuse and still doesn’t justify the cheating though. BUT I do know that you said you are sorry and regret it. Obviously he must of forgiven you because you have not mentioned that the two of you have split since he read that email. So what you need to do is have a talk with him. Either he forgives you or he doesn’t. I’m not saying that he should pretend it never happened, because that’s impossible. You can’t forget, but you can choose to forgive. When you choose to forgive someone, you move forward, you don’t throw things in their face from the past. So he needs to either forgive you and drop the incident, or he needs to move on without you. I’m going to guess that what you are asking us is what you should with this relationship, right? You are going to do what makes you happy. I have to say that you don’t seem very happy right now. Obviously you aren’t if you had to post this question on YA. So you have two choices….1. You have a talk with your boyfriend and iron out all of these issues the two of you repeatedly argue about.2. You walk away and start dating someone new.When you love someone, it’s never easy to decide. But you are going to have to do just that. You deserve to be happy. And so does he.
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