What makes you breathe

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Proper function of your lungs with enough oxygen in your system is what makes us all breath and keeps us alive. Some diseases that lead to harder breathing include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The damage done by COPD is irreversible [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-makes-you-breathe ]
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The breathing centre in the brain is constantly receiving signals from the body about the amount of oxygen that is needed. This will depend on how active you are. When you are asleep you will need far less oxygen than when you are running t…
Did you know that it is actually not a lack of oxygen that causes us to inhale? When our lungs have excess carbon dioxide built up our body naturally wants to purge that by exhaling that gas and inhaling a fresh supply of air. This is one …
Before birth a baby relies on its mother’s blood for oxygen and its lungs are filled with fluid. But from the moment of birth it must draw air into its lungs and get its own oxygen. The breathing centre in the brain is constantly receiving …

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What makes breathing in and out of a paper bag so helpful?
Q: When you are nervous, why do they tell you to breathe out of a paper bag?
A: The problem with hyperventilation is not breathing in too much oxygen, it is breating out too much carbon dioxide. The nitrogen will make you light-headed too…and both of those can lead to dizziness and passing out. A paper bag forces you to breath back the carbon dioxide you exhale, lowering the ratio of nitrogen at the same time. It helps to prevent your body from triggering a sympathetic response, working to curb your rapid heart rate…..so that is how the old trick works.
so coffee stains your teeth and makes your breathe smell bad what can you do about it?
A: Stop drinking coffee…if you can’t just brush your teeth after every cup, add a little baking soda to neutralize the smell but not too much because you’ll be walking around with baking soda breath.
What makes you breathe?
Q: No no no…I don’t mean biologically…I mean, why do you breathe? What is your living, breathing passion? What motivates you to work hard?
A: My past, and my future. I want to be different from what my birth parents have become, and I want to make good use of the lessons I’ve learned from my past. I want to live my life so that I have no reason to regret when it’s my time to go home.♥
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