What means a Tire Shaped Belly

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A tire shaped bell on males can indicate they may be predisposed to heart disease or other artery clogging problems. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-means-a-tire-shaped-belly ]
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How can I get out of shape, tired, and get a big belly.?
I’m in the same situation. go to your room, close the door. blast yer ipod and dance yer heart out until you sweat like crazy. cardo is key! u might do situps and stuff and have beautiful abs underneath! but yll never see those abs because …

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how can I help my boyfriend to lose weight?
Q: My boyfriend is about 6 foot and he is not fat. just a little overweight. maybe extra 10-15 pounds. His mid section is the are I want him to lose. but here is the thing-he doesn’t work out. Although I might force him to jog with me one a week but I know it isn’t enough and I do not want to push him u know? and other thing is that he tends to over eat. and his diet is very unhealthy. Most the junk food. His mom never cooks and we don’t live together yet. I tried to talk with him about it and he said that he’ll try to eat less but i do not see any progress or effort. And sometimes I do point it out, I mean his belly. It doesn’t bother me that much but the fact that he gets tired everytime we try yo have sex- it is like 5 mins and he is done! HE IS OUT OF SHAPE! so what would u do here if u were in this position? or how do I need to help him to start to lose weight? I really concer about his health. Thank u all <3
A: I think you should tell him that. That you are concerned about his heath. I think mentioning that he’s hard to have sex with because its only like 5 minutes is a total TURN OFF! crunches and ab workouts would help his ”belly”
whats the best way for a 14yrs old to stay in shape and stay healthy??
Q: i need to kno badly becuz most guys in my school have like 6pak maybe 8 and they have good arm muscle and they r only 13-16 and some arent even in sports. im 14 and almost 15 and my belly always look really fat when i lay to the side and look at all my fats.how athletic i am- i can do 5 pullups-can do 40 pushup b4 geting really tired. as u can see im kinda fat.im asking whats a healthy way i can get a 6pak and get bicep muscles and stay healthy?by staying healthy i mean like what should i eat everyday, like tell me like do i eat 3 apple,drink 6 glass of water,etc…and by the stay in shape(sixpak/bicep) is what exerice should i do daily and what should i lift, and i DONT want to use a fitness machine..whats the fastest result your answer will be?also what can i do to get better at doing pull ups and getting beter breast muscle(guys)?
A: 50 press`ups`2wice a day`8ight days a week`
Okay, someone help me out. I’m slightly chubby and have small strong muscles and I hate it. What do I do?
Q: My body is completely unproportional. I have huge lats and decent sized pecs, yet I have tiny arms, with small weak biceps and triceps. I have small forearms but the veins stick out and my wrist is small enough to put my fingers around it. I have small calves, like a skinny person does. My chest is thick and not wide, since I didn’t play a sport that gives you big lungs like football, I played baseball. I kind of have a small belly, and fat seems to settle on my thighs, but, and around my pecs. I’m tired of it. I have an hour of free time every morning and some days an hour here and there inbetween classes. What should I do? I want to look good. I’ll do anything short of sticking a needle in my arm. If they have pill steroids, I’ll do it. I’ll lift like there’s a gun to my head and eat like a horse. I’ll run like the wind. I just don’t know what to do!! I don’t want to be buff and huge, I just want to be toned and look good. V shaped chest and thin hips. Thin, wide chest. You know what I’m talking about.Bottom line. What should I do? I need it sort of laid out for me. Can I pay someone to do this? I’m late 15 years old by the way. I have lots of money. Anyway, what should I do? I really mean that, if I had a plan for everyday laid out I would do it perfectly. Thank you all for any help, I appreciate it.
A: The acai berry pills and colon cleanse pills are supposed to work really good together. They are supposed to burn fat like there is no tomorrow. Other than that, another good way to lose fat is to watch your calories. I use a website called www.myfitnesspal.com . As for working out, I use a workout plan called Doug’s 4 Day split workout. It works out all the major muscle groups and it is working very well. Search for it on google and the link will come up. Also, take the whey protein and the simple carbs that is says to take with your workouts. They have been helping a lot too.
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