What percentage of Americans have heart disease

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In 2005, 652,091 people died of heart disease (50.5% of them women). This was 27.1% of all U.S. deaths. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-percentage-of-americans-have-heart-disease ]
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What’s the percentage of americans that have heart disease (heart…?
hopefully this link will help you out.
How many americans have heart disease?
It is estimated that about 80,000,000 Americans have some form of heart diseases. It is also estimated that 910,000 Americans die annually from heart disease.
What Are the Causes of Heart Disease Millions of Americans suffer…?
“Millions of Americans suffer from some form of heart disease” What happens if you ignore the recommended healthy heart habits? Perhaps nothing. Many people live long lives without paying much attention to their heart. However, i…

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what’s the percentage of americans that have heart disease (heart problem of any kind like murmurs also)?
Q: what’s the percentage of americans that have heart disease (heart problem of any kind like murmurs also)
A: hopefully this link will help you out.
The logistic growth function?
Q: The logistic growth functionP(x) = 90/1 + 27le^-0.122x – Models the percentage, P(x), of Americans who are x years old with some coronary heart disease.What percentage of 80-year olds have some coronary heart disease?
A: You can calculate this using a scientific calculator. But there seems to be an error in the formula – 90/1 should be 90. Please check the formula. or is it: P(x) = 90/(1 + 27le^-0.122x) ? Is it 27l or 271 – otherwise what does “l” stand for?
What do you think of this?
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A: to who ever wrote that:calm down calm down. I don’t think EVERY american is to blame. There are smart americans you know. It isn’t so much being smart, just unaware and ignorant. It’s true people from the US don’t think about other countries as much and they do have an up tight attitude. But wouldn’t you if you were apart of the most powerful country? I see your point. But think of me as the middle man. Seeing yours and their view.
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