What song contains the lyrics, "it’s too close for comfort"

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Rihanna’s – Disturbia. “It’s a thief in the night To come and grab you It can creep up inside you And consume you A disease of the mind It can control you It’s too close for comfort” ChaCha On! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-song-contains-the-lyrics%2C-%22it%27s-too-close-for-comfort%22 ]
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What song contains the lyrics What I am is what I am?
It think it may be “What I Am” by Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians.
Which song contains these lyrics?
I was searching for the same song and I downloaded that song by “yeah yeah yeahs” but it wasn’t it.but then luckyly I found it by myself. It’s called “majestic bear” by Zi Punt =) great song.
Which song contains the lyrics ‘east coast west coast it don’t ma…?
“Aint Nothing Wrong With That” by Robert Randolph Family Band. Used as an advertising song on the Discovery Channel.

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What song contains lyrics with “lick the decks”?
Q: Maybe a Robert Palmer song?
A: SHAKEDOWN CRUISEJay FergusonIt was thirty days around the hornThe captain says it’s thirty-five moreThe moon looks mean the crew ain’t stayingThere’s gonna be some bloodIs what they’re all sayingIt’s a shakedown cruiseAnd I was just another toolThere ain’t no easy way outThey’re gonna shake you ’til you shoutThey treat you like a dogBut you’re only humanYou miss your home Lord,You miss that womanThe captain laughs he says,”You boys want some sex?”You can squeeze the sails,You can lick the decksIt was a shakedown cruiseI guess I just was born to loseThey tell you life is going cheapI got myself in pretty deepStar light lost in the nightDrift away and it feels all rightStar light alone in the nightDrift away and it feels all rightI guess it feels all rightThe fever’s hot, the winds are blowin’ coldThe captain’s crazy eye puts the fear in your soulI heard somebody cryin’ “Lord let this endYou know I’ll never go to sea again”It was a shakedown cruiseAnd now we’re sendin’ out the newsThere ain’t no victory at sea unless it’s mutinyNow if I don’t get off aliveIt’s just as well I’ll be waking up in heaven’Cause I’ve been through hell on this shakedown cruiseThey call it a shakedown cruiseShakedown, shakedown cruiseShakedown, shake it up and moveShakedown, shakin’ in my shoes
What song contains lyrics “like the deserts miss the rain…”?
Q: I know it’s not Missing by Everything but the Girl nor is it the one by Sade.I heard this song on the radio. It sounds like one of the newer songs.It’s sung by a female singer.
A: Is it “Missing” by No Mercy?http://www.metrolyrics.com/missing-lyrics-no-mercy.html
What song contains lyrics similar to these?
Q: sitting home laying half awake and crying, sitting alone just waiting for the break of day…or something like that.Thats all of the song I remember and its stuck in my headA girl sings it
A: are you asking what song that is ? or ?these days- rascal flatts <3
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