What was the white plauge

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The return of the ‘white plague’, so-called because of the loss of skin color experienced by people with the disease, is highlighted every year on 24 March, World Tuberculosis Day. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-was-the-white-plauge ]
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What was the white plauge
The return of the ‘white plague’, so-called because of the loss of skin color experienced by people with the disease, is highlighted every year on 24 March, World Tuberculosis Day. ChaCha!
What is The White Plague?
The White Plague (1982) is a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert.
How Bad does the Non-white Plague have to get before people have …?
It needs to be “best” for their personal survival chances before they act. Or I should say better to be fair. — So It can get really bad. Look at South Africa most whites there are “liberals” and talks about “the n…

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My fiances mother is out of control, help?
Q: So, Joey and I have been dating since August, right? Almost 8 months. His mom loved me before he left for the Army and she still enjoyed having me around when he came home for Christmas. But something happened after he left, I’m not sure what. All I know is that he was graduating from BCT in a few weeks and he wanted me there, he didn’t care if he had to spend his own money, he wanted me there. The only requirement that there was, was that his mom had to meet mine. She avoided that like the plauge and then started bashing me. Telling me how I was just a whore, cheap white trash and I could never take her “life” away, which is her son. She even went so far as to tell Joey that it wasn’t that I couldn’t come, it was the fact that I didn’t want to because I was seeing someone else. This woman is seriously frustrating. He’s coming home in about a month, after he gets out of Airbourne and I’m really terrified she’s going to say something when he’s there and make him pick sides or she’ll say something snyde when he’s not there and off-set my mood. I haven’t done anything other than love her son and treat him with the upmost respect. I’m faithful, I’m coy- I don’t hoe around town, I’m chipper, I avoid fights and Joey and I mesh unbelievably well that it’s almost scary. I want this man for the rest of my life, but I’m scared that his mother is going to ruin it.I forgot to mention that Joey does know about this, we’re both dumbfounded on what happend or what changed. I’m more than welcomed to ask her what’s wrong, but I refuse to do it without him. I personally think that she might be doing it because she lost him for a good 16 years of their lives and now she’s trying to be a mother and protect him, except.. he’s almost 20?
A: It’s always difficult when parents get in the way of relationships.You can’t make him choose between you or his mother…But I would say it’s best to sit down with him and talk it out,then perhaps have a conversation with his mother and him,to see what exactly is the problem with his mom.And see if it’s at all possible to work out.If your meant to be and he loves you as much as you love him,then everything will work out just fine :]I wish you the best of luck!
Somethings about children stories?
Q: Ring around the rosiesPocket full of posies, Ashes, Ashes,We all fall down. . .This was about the black plaugeThe ring was one of the first signs of the deadly sicknessThe Posies were stuffed into the pockets of the dead to quench the smellAshes to Ashes was the holy saying as the priest blessed the deadand when you fell down meant when you died. . .—————————————————————-Sleeping BeautyShe was not awoken by a kissShe was actually raped by “Prince Charming” and awoke from the stirring of her twin children being born. . .She ended up taking her kids to his castle after he went home, kicked out his wife and married him herself. . . Happily ever after—————————————————————-Humpty Dumpty Sat on a wallHumpty Dumpty had a great fallAll the king horses and All the kings menCouldn’t put humpty to gether againQuite simply, this story is about the loss of VirginityOnce you lose it, nothing can make you a virgin again . . . duh—————————————————————-London Bridge is Falling DownFalling Down, Falling DownLondon Bridge is Falling DownMy Fair LadyVikings tied the bridge to thier boats and tried to row away. . .It fell downOh yeah, and the fair lady was Queen Elizabeth—————————————————————-Sing a song of six penceA pocket full of ryefour and twenty blackbirdsBaked in a pieWhen the pie was openedthe birds began to singisn’t that a dainty dish to set before a king?This was a recruitment tactic for pirate in the sixteenth centuryThe pie was the boat that would take the ship with about 24 buccaneers insideBlack birds were the pirates obviously and the king was Black beard himself. . .—————————————————————-The Little MermaidShe doesn’t get the prince in the end of the real version of this tale. She promised her life if he didn’t pick her by a witch. He marries another girl and the only way for her not to die was if she killed him before sunrise. . . She didn’t and turned into sea foam. . . yeah—————————————————————-Snow WhiteThis is speculated to be about the 7 stages of cocaine addictionSnow white (cocaine) meets:Dopey: That fun high you first get on your first tryHappy: That euphoric feeling of being highBashful: aka being shy or silent about your addiction, avoiding the subject etc.Grumpy: When you’ve been confronted and forced to give it up.Sleepy: When you are off the stuff at first you get really depressed and sleepySneezy: You also get really sick. ie: sneezing, chills, night sweats etc.Doc: You see them either when you finally seek help. . . or you O.D. and the doc is your mortician —————————————————————-CinderellaHeh the true story makes you think Cindy got what was coming to her.Her father first married a nice housemaid who cared for the girl and was really nice. Cindy, being the brat that she is, killed the maid off so she could have him to herself. . .The father goes and marries again, The newest step mother, hearing what Cindy did, tried to instill fear so she wouldn’t be killed off too.Cindy goes and seduces the prince herself and moves out making it so the little brat won in the end—————————————————————-Jack and Jill when up the hill to fetch a pail of waterJack fell down and broke his crownAnd Jill came tumbling afterThis was about the riegn of King Goerge and Marie AntoinetteJack (George) and Jill (Mary) asended to power To gain control of the waterwaysThe people revolted and killed Jack first (beheading)And Killed Jill after
A: …wow. the deep, dark secrets within..!wher’d you get it from?
Is anyone tired of this Obama BS already?
Q: Not being racial, but this Obama nonsense Is pretty retarted. Yeah, our next President playing basketball with convicts who are not even Voters, and battle wise, he doesnt know a damn thing. He becomes President, the sh?t will hit the fan when he doesn’t know what to do and ask’s for help from other actual-war Vet’s. O yeah” He doesn’t swear In, but the Coran or what ever Its called Is his belief, just like the Iraq retards who killed how many people on 911, and please, It wasn’t Bush Jr. This Is a question because Im asking If there are any others that see this sh?t. By the way, Im black myself and not racial. Id rather put my local iraqie drugstore owner In the white/black house, rather hen Obama, who by the way reminds me of the biggest car sales man out there. We shall all see when this nation will crumble and everyone will laugh In relief. Lazy as? non voters NOW voting, who can’t even vote because they either never did, or cannot because legally they are restricted. Any comments?? Cause Snoop dog Is our next VP, and Miss newYork, our next Condolina Rice. Far as Mrs. Clinton, No wonder why In my town they hate her and she was cheated on, she already folded under pressure. AL GORE should step In but he didn’t because he already knows this nations In for a plauge, So if your not a puppet and your a leader, not a follower, what Is your opinion. Oh’ yeah, one last thing.. Wait till that reverand racialist puts out dirt on obama. This Isnt In the Interest of guideing our nation out of recission, war and high taxes. Order Is more Important then any one mans life, so having troops and war Is a must or we get killed. Obama Is just talking and saying what blind people want to see, where blind people cannot physically see at all, Understand what Im saying here, but Instead Its a black race just praying for a black man sleeping In the white house and calling the shots. From experience, everything has a blow-back, and this here everyone, this one’s gonna hurt BAD.
A: I’m sorry you feel that way, but come on–McCain? Obama is young, bright and energetic. He’ll figure things out fast. I can’t wait until he’s our president.
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