What was the worst disease in Japan

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The Black Death, or The Black Plague, was one of the most deadly pandemics in human history. It probably began in Central Asia and spread to Europe by the late 1340s. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-was-the-worst-disease-in-japan ]
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What was the worst disease in Japan
The Black Death, or The Black Plague, was one of the most deadly pandemics in human history. It probably began in Central Asia and spread to Europe by the late 1340s.

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How did Japan get domesticated Swine Flu & why is it spreading so rapidly in the country?? Any theories?
Q: Problem is that unlike most countries where they got infected through others abroad, Japan for some reason seems to have (1) domesticated cases popping up recently and what’s worse, (2) the disease is spreading so rapidly in Japan. Any theories on why Japan is getting DOMESTICATED cases and why is it spreading so RAPIDLY? They already have more than 300 infected unlike most countries where they have less than 5. Please help. My family and I are planning a trip to Hong Kong but due to what recently happened in Japan, we’re thinking of calling it off since another “ambush outbreak” may happen elsewhere.. Thanks.
A: Just Japan is actually counting the infected cases, others countries are not saying the true about for political reasons. The flu is everywhere now. After having a few cases it is needed only two weeks for the virus to spread.You should not be afraid to travel, just stay away from people who look sick and do not touch your face (eyes, mouth or nose) with uncleaned hands and you will be fine.You are right ” another ambush outbreak may happen elsewhere”, so what the reason for not traveling?. You can have an outbreak in your own town.
There are so many connections and people usually don’t see them in the anime, or ignore it’s obviousness……?
Q: You may notice the usual story line of some anime, power up, train, get help, power from seemingly nowhere, et cetera, but there are other connections.If you saw Darker than Black, the first episode of Code Geass, and Claymore, then the connections are getting into a contract for power, code geass’ is more obvious, in Darker than Black they are called contractors and have entered into a contract then work for an organization, in Claymore they become Claymores by taking on a demon’s powers/blood and then they work for an organization.A geas, geis, is either a curse or gift and is given to people and have restrictions on what they do in exchange for power, in stories some have to do something in order to remain alive as a restriction, and in Darker than Black they have an obeisance or a cost for using their powers that they have to do after they use their powers.The Claymores are only female because the males would get an urge and become a yoma (demon thing) where the females don’t get quite an urge. In Mnemosyne the ‘angels’ are only male and have a short life span (this anime series tends to have some disgusting things in it) and are like flying yoma (youma). In Claymore the females are immortal as long as they live and don’t receive damage and in Mnemosyne the females are immortal too.The organizations can be seen as the NWO, although the anime tends to opose the organization in the end.In several anime there are these demon like flowers, although the flowers can represent many things in Japan and anime, but they tended to be blue or red and would do something, there are strange flowers in Mnemosyne, Darker than Black, and in Batman Begins.In Batman Begins and Mnemosyne and XXX they use a bio-weapon to be deployed into the air, in Mnemosyne it is from a toxin and the flower evil god seeing bad luck disease and in Batman Begins it is from a flower turned into a weapon. They are both deployed through water vapor, XXX is in the air in general except the toxin is domoic acid and there is also saxitoxin and both come from the red algae which is known as HAB and in XXX it is known as AHAB.The NWO has several theories, one involves a Russian/European version that Russians were killed off unneccessarily in Russia and formed a group as the NWO, and thought to have lived after, and in XXX the people are Russians who believed that their people fought and died for nothing.In the Matrix Neo had once a greencard expire at the date 9-11 and the Matrix was inspired by the occult anime Ghost In The Shell. In the Matrix they have the false Prophet (bible reference) as the oracle and have Neo give his life in the end to the people of Zion (bible references, Zion is in the bible and Jesus gave up his life to save people).If you have seen Mnemosyne you can catch more bible references through it, although the anime is, well, odd and stuff at times.The domoic acid and saxitoxin can’t be destryed by frezing and there is no cure, it causes amnesiatic shellfish poisining, death, confusion, etc. That also reminds me vaguely of the flowers mentioned in the shows besides Darker than Black.Also in several anime there are these things that reference to heaven and hell, like in Mnemosyne or the gates and other stuff in Darker than Black, that connects too.
A: Thank you for the explanation. I will definitely watch some of the anime that you put up there because you made them seem interesting even though you weren’t trying. lol.
Japan is building human like robots, the USA is funding stem cell research.?
Q: Is technology moving in the wrong direction? I can see how funding stem cell research can help find cures to some of the worst medical problems inflecting the human race, but if human cloning ever happens aren’t we just asking for trouble? And to top it off japan seems hell bent on creating human like robots, has no one over there been to the movies? what if they start messing with AI? Is it me or does anyone else see this as a ticking time bomb. I’m all for curing diseases and I know that down the line stem cell will benefit man kind, but aren’t we opening Pandora’s box here? cloning human DNA is a dangerous thing, and who’s to say that some where they haven’t already cloned a human being or beings.I don’t think living in caves is an option to not having technology advance. But what I’m trying to say is that sometimes like with the Atom bomb we sould think twice about what we are capable of doing or just doing things because we can. Not everything that we’re capable of doing is for the benifit of man kind.
A: I love Japan and spent over 6 years living there and would go back in a second but let me tell you this: Japanese are kinky people! It didn’t surprise me one bit that the most ‘human like’ robot they’ve built so far is in female form…. Anyone want to lay odds that ‘shes’ fully functional? As for stem cell research, if there is anything for which we can expect the hell fire and damnation of Almighty God to rain down on us for, it that! Allowing abortion, tolerating homosexuality is bad enough, but harvesting cells from the unborn…there just isn’t enough sun-block!
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