What will be the downfall of society

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I believe it could be many things…..like economic downfall, natural disasters, or disease. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-will-be-the-downfall-of-society ]
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Is credit leading to the downfall of society
The way it used to be not too long ago… Credit card companies promising thousands of minutes of phone cards if the home-sick student signs up for a student Visa! Credit card companies approving applications and giving credit lines to non-…
Is organized religion the downfall of society?
Well organized religion never benefits a society Organized religion promotes ignorance and intolerance. The US(most religious industrialized country) is 2nd worst in test scores among industrialized nations. The US has the 2nd highest % of …
Can TV be blamed for the Downfall of Society?
NO. People who blame tv have bad logic. It’s the other way around, our bad behavior is reflected by the tv, not caused by it. The only reason tv shows that are on are the ones people want towatch , if people do not like them they won’t watc…

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Do you think Cell phones will be the eventual downfall of society as we know it?
Q: look around you.. everybody is either talking on their cells or playing with their blackberrys.. what is so important? i have no clue.
A: Don’t you think that’s what they said about cars, electricity, the landline phone, etc. back in their infancy?
Who thinks simcity societies will be the greatest insult andcause of of downfall of the simcity series?
Q: There is no zoning, no infrastructure, no advisors, non of the intricate beauty of its ğredecessors. Its not even going to be made by Maxis!Who else thinks Maxis should have simply improved on what it had into a 3D environment, instead of going down this new, badly laid and dead end road?
A: I agree, it’s not Simcity with out the… city building. It’s just the Sims, but more cartoony. I wish Simcity 5 would’ve been made, I miss the waterfalls and such :/
What do you think the breaking point will be?
Q: At what point will our society say enough is a enough and make sure some of the bank CEO’s are arrested, lobbyists are removed, and people that are not working for the American people be removed? What will it take? I am in college I would like to think I can get a job and consolidate my loans. What if I cannot do this, then what? No one can work together, I suppose this will lead to our downfall.
A: what the CEO’s and lobbyist do is not illegal, it might not be in the best interest of the American People, but what they do is in the best interest of the people that are paying them, that is business.if you want this changed you should look to the judical system, realize what is moral, ethical and legal do not always have the same outcome.being in college does not guarentee your success, you do. you will be able to consolidate your loans no matter what you do, and inflation will enable you to pay them back unless choose not to manage your money, like so many have in this nation which is the real cause of our problems
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