When in a blood test does negative mean you do or dont have it

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A negative blood test for disease means you are clean. But, Blood types are also positive and negative and that is just type of blood. such as O positive and O negative. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-in-a-blood-test-does-negative-mean-you-do-or-dont-have-it ]
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When in a blood test does negative mean you do or dont have it?
A negative blood test for disease means you are clean. But, Blood types are also positive and negative and that is just type of blood. such as O positive and O negative.
Can a pregnancy blood test saying negative mean positive??
It has happened three times that I know of. My sister in law didn’t show up until 14 with the first one and 20 weeks with the second one. My best friend who was 48 found out when she was 21 weeks. An ultra sound is the way to go! Get your t…
Could a blood test that’s negative really mean that I don’t have …?
Depends on the test they ran. If they ran a blood based antibody test only a few days after the outbreak started its probably too soon to detect antibodies. If they ran a direct viral PCR-RNA probe type of test, they should pick up a positi…

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positive hpt test AFTER negative blood test?
Q: im letting this blood test get the best of me….i know ive asked questions similar to this but for some reason this site has really helped me with all the supportim 17 almost 18 and stupidly did not use a condom while having sexi was naive and just sorta went along with it..”caught up in the moment” i guessi have had a very strong positive HPT test AFTER the blood test came back negative…so i dont think ive lost or am losing the baby…i took accu clear which i looked up on peeonastick.com and they said they test at 50 HCG rather than 25 like most, so if i was getting a strong positive even with that im assuming im pregnant…and i know i dont have polysistic ovaries cuz i was already tested for that a little while ago, or ovarian cancer because when i did the test a while ago it came up negative, then a week later came up faintly positive…so i dont think i would get polysistic ovaries in a week and i dont think it would be just a coincidence i got them right around the time i think im pregnant…im VERY confused, and dont know what to tell the father..he wants nothing to do with me or the baby, but i still want to keep him informed because he did ask that muchi dont want him to mistake this confusion and not knowing whats going on as me trying to gain attention or somehow get him back by trapping him with a baby that isnt really there you know? but i do believe that its there, cuz why would i get 4 positive HPTs???? and ive heard that blood tests are more accurate but not alwaysmore sensitive…i just wanna know for sure, and im keeping the baby and have pathetically already named it, depending on boy or girl ha…i just dont want to become attached to something that isnt therewhats the probability that its there the blood test just isnt picking up on it yet??? id only be about 3 weeks…1 week after my missed period meaning had sex 2 weeeks before missed period, meaning i was probably ovulating…and i had 1 day of bleeding 5 days after conception. i think that may have been implantation bleeding…any help would be greatthank you so much
A: i still think its possible.i had a very very very faint line on a first response early results so i had blood work done, it came back at less then 5 hcg at 14 days past ovulation.so i stopped taking my progesterone (I have low progesterone) and a week later i still didnt start my period so i took another test and it was positive.. blood showed hcg was 66 two days later hcg was 35 so it was going down because i miscarried..but the point is i was pregnant even though the blood work showed less then 5.never give up hope until you have a period.
does a lighter shorter period mean pregnancy?
Q: for the last 5 months my periods have been lighter and shorter for like 3-4 days. my belly is hard and is getting bigger. i have white bumps around my nipples and white sometimes clear fluid come out of my nipples. i have been having facial breakouts ( which i never do until now). i sometimes cramp in my lower back and side.. i have gained weight. over the 5 months i have gained 11 pounds. i also have been feeling movement in my belly for 3 almost 4 months. when i went to the dr he said im not pregnant. the last dr. in september i went to, she did an exam and said i was pregnant but the blood test was negative…i dont know if i can still be and it just now show up or what but i havd had my tubes tied in june 2005.. anyone here please give me a piece of mind and let me know what you think.. thank you..
A: I had mine tied many years ago and was told this was highly unlikely,but you could get pregnant,it wouldn’t be the normal pregnancy but a tubular one which is not good.Go see your doctor right away since this has been going on for 5 months.Hope everything turns out ok.
dont know if it was a false negative or not?
Q: hi.i have to get some answers. on june 8th, my boyfriend put his penis into me about 3 times, but held it there for a little bit. i was expecting to have my period around the 16th or 17th of that month. on the 11th i started experiencing what seemed to be off and on cramping. i had been very stressed becasue i was very worried i was pregnant. on the 16th i started to bleed very lightly. i put a tampon in and when i took it out there was barely anything on it and i wasnt bleeding at all anymore. the next day i started bleeding lightly again with dark red blood clots coming out into the toliet. there was also a day with a couple spots of brown on a pad but it always picked up a little with sometimes bright red blood or light pink. it lasted 5 days. now it is the 22nd of july and i have been having light cramps again for about 6 days but no period yet. do you think that i could be pregnant? and i ad been light off and on cramping for 5 days before the bleeding started on june 16th.so i took 2 home pregnancy tests and they both came out negative..but still no period? i got e.p.t pregnancy test and it was like 13 dollars? was it to cheap or un reliable? i mean its been over a month since i had the sex..and i wasnt as stressed this month as i was last..46 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer. Additional Detailsi am also not on birth control either and i am 100% that my partner has no STD’s…he is the only partner i have ever had…and i dont think going to the doctor is an option for me…i a little young and i would rather go through this without having to bring it up to either of my parents…but if it goes my way and i am not pregnant..i hhave definantly learned from this and i am NOT ever having sex again untill i am ready to have the risk of having a child..27 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer. Additional Detailsyes the period was regular before i had the sex. i have never been stuck on one date though. as recentley as i can remember.. im feb and march it always came on the first or a couple days early or later.. but then in april i kept waiting for it to come then on the 14th it came and the cramps were SO horrible that i went home from school because i couldnt stand up or stop myself from gagging and i went home and curled my self up intoo a ball and layed there for hours lol but then after that it came on the 16th and then in june the bleeding came on the 16th also but no period yet…maybe its just taking another 2 week break..i kinda hope so…7 minutes agoand noo he did not ejaculate into me..the way it went was he put it in…it took a little bit cause it hurt like a b****, the once it was in we just kinda left it there for a little bit..then i went up and down on it once and then put it in once more and thats the end of the story..and does it matter how long you pee on the stick for..because it said 5 seconds..but maybe i didnt put enough pee on there..te stick turned yellow though…and i know that even though he didnt ejaculate in me i can still get pregnant
A: The smartest thing to do at this point is to make a doctor’s appointment. If you cannot afford it look for a clinic or Planned Parenthood in your local area. Some people have low levels of the pregnancy hormone and at home tests wont show it. The doctors can do a blood test and it is highly effective and accurate. Just remember, missing your period does not always mean that you are pregnant. Stress could cause you to miss it as well as losing or gaining a lot of weight, extreme exercise, etc. Treat your body as if you were pregnant for the baby’s safety.
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