When you’re always cold & your knuckles are purple is that a sign of poor circulation

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Those symptoms, cold hands & purple knuckles, could be a sign of poor circulation or even Raynaud’s disease. You might want to read about Raynaud’s disease & consult a doctor. MayoClinic.com http://tinyurl.com/2a7dkn ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you%27re-always-cold-%26-your-knuckles-are-purple-is-that-a-sign-of-poor-circulation ]
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What is it called when you’re always cold?
Hypothyroidism causes a lower body temp and can also reduce your blood pressure. ChaCha again!
What is it when you’re always cold?
it is because of the tranfering of the heat when u transfer heat u feel cold
Is something wrong with you if you’re always cold?
maybe she just has poor circulation. that can lead to being cold even if you’re well covered. it’s not a big deal, and nothing is wrong with her. tons of people have the same problem=)

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What does it mean when you’re always cold?
Q: I’m always cold. I’m even cold in 80 degree weather. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping and I eventually have to pile on layers and layers of blankets. I never take my coat off. My parents think that my white blood cell count may be low, but are there diseases and/or symptoms that have to deal with always being cold?*EDIT* I also always get lightheaded a lot and I often get to the exact moment where I’m about to pass out but I don’t. It happens mostly in the morning.
A: Hypothyroidism causes this. If your heart rate is low, I would say 100% you have hypothyroidism.
Is it normal to always feel cold and have shortness of breath when you’re anemic?
Q: I’m an anemic 21yr old female, I am always feeling very cold lately esspecially in my arms and hands and have shortness of breath is this common with being anemic?my hemoglobin level is 9.8
A: yes, hemaglobin (iron) which carries the oxygen, attaches itself to the red blood cells to your lungs, muscles and other much needed areas of your body.
Ladies- when you’re cold- why do you always put your hands between…?
Q: your thighs and pretend you’re not really touching it?Come on- we know you’re trying to stoke the boiler. Stop blushing, naughty women!
A: that’s not why we do that… or certainly not why I do that 😀 it’s just because that area around “it” is usually pretty warm. thighs included. so we put our hands between or thighs to warm them up.
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