Which is worse high blood pressure or diabetes

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Diabetes and high blood pressure are related diseases that feed one another and tend to get worse with time. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-is-worse-high-blood-pressure-or-diabetes ]
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Which is worse high blood pressure or diabetes
Diabetes and high blood pressure are related diseases that feed one another and tend to get worse with time. ChaCha for now!
Diabetes mellitus can potentially lead to high blood pressure, bl…?
Diabetes mellitus: Better known just as “diabetes” — a chronic disease associated with abnormally high levels of the sugar glucose in the blood. Diabetes is due to one of two mechanisms:・ (1) Inadequate production of insulin (whi…
Psoriasis Linked to High Blood Pressure and Diabetes: What’s Up w…?
Psoriasis causes lots of misery for the people who have it–and it’s a bit of a mystery, too. Several studies have suggested that people with this condition are more likely that people without it to have heart disease, diabetes, lymphoma, o…

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Which is worse: Being Fat or Smoking?
Q: I stopped smoking two weeks ago, but I have gained 7 pounds. Right now I am 5’2″ and weigh 189. This puts my BMI at 34.6 (Obese) I am only 30 pounds away from being morbidly obese. I keep debating this with myself, which is really worse? Smoking basically causes cancer and maybe an elevated blood pressure. But being overweight cause Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I am sure a few more thing then just smoking does. So, which do you think it worse? Why?
A: you are not going to like this ,I quit smoking in Oct 06 ,so i have about 16 months in .I don’t think of cigs any more .I had lost about 60 lbs ,felt really good ,so I decided to quit smoking ,I could cry ,all the weight is back on ,the moment I quit smoking ,I stopped working out .So try to replace smoking with something positive ,not food .This is my first week ,eating right and working out ,so here goes,to the both of us,for trying ,please keep up the good work ,The first month was the hardest ,and you’ll there.I will say I breath a lot better ,have much more wind,so working out should get easier ,oh and the key drink lots of water ,my friend quit the same time ,she drink water ,and didn’t gain any weight .Its the smoking monster ,doing the debating ,you already quit smoking ,you can do this ,drink your water .
I have been feeling weird for a few weeks now. Today I feel worse. Could it be diabetes? Low or High?
Q: I had a dizzy spell this morning in which I felt that I was falling. I had to put my head down since all I was doing at the time was sitting at my computer at work. I keep seeing these little black spots in shapes of circles and long squigly lines . I have a slight headache and my eyes feel as if my pupils are fully dialated because everythiing is so bright. I was reading symptoms of diabetes 2 and I have had some of the symptoms. I get very thirsty, I ve been getting up twice a night to go urinate. I also feel very tired and stressed. A nurse I know said it could be high blood pressure too. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure run in my family.
A: Well pick up the phone and call your doctor. You can not drive like that. So grab a friend and go get yourself checked out. Sounds pretty simple to me.
My 45 yr old sister is obese, Blood Sugar Levels high, Triglycerides high and Serious sudden vision problems.?
Q: My 45 year old sister recently had some pretty serious vision anomolies occur and I very worried about her and I want to make sure she gets the correct diagnosis and treatment right away.Here are the details:-45 years old-Obese her entire life-Inactive life style and very poor eating habits-Sudden Vision change last week…described at wavy and distorted vision. Serious enough that Dr. told her to not drive and get blood testing done immediately.-Blood sugar results 192 (normal range 65-139) Diabetic range starts at 199-Hemoglobin normal-Cholesterol 134-Triglycerides 163 (normal range 0-149)-Family history of Stroke (father)-She had some exams done in July to look at her Carotid Artery and they came back fine.My worry is this: Although the she is not technically considered diabetic yet she is having some pretty bad symptoms which I am worried are not due to her border line Diabetes. And, even though her Carotid testing done in July showed no plack I still feel that a stroke or impending stroke might be a possibility due to the fact that our fathers stroke did not originate from the Carotid Artery.So, not being a Physician but knowing a little about medicine I am thinking that she needs to have a CT to see if there is any sort of blockage in the brain or evidence of a stroke that has originated from somewhere else and thus cause the severe visual problem the other day. Of course an obvious issue is her elevated Blood Sugar level and her obesity, but I feel that something bigger is going on here that needs to be addressed immediately before it is too late. And of course she is at an elevated risk for one in addition to an MI given her elevated blood sugar, hypercholestremia, hypertension, and sedentary lifestyle (dvt for ex.) My initial inclination is to look to her blood pressure as a likely culprit for the visual disturbances.Please give me advise on what should be done to prevent something serious from happening besides the obvious obesity and high blood sugar.I am worried that she may have a stroke or might have had a small stroke already and that the docs might be missing something.Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for your help.”A Worried Sister”
A: A stroke is a definitely possibility. My brother had a massive stroke at age 41, he had a healthy life style, worked outside all his life, but had elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. His only symptoms were dizzy spells lasting a few minutes and at one point had about a 15 minute episode of double vision. After the stroke (which he survived, but is totally disabled now) his neurologist told him that any time you had double vision or distorted vision, that a neurological cause needed to be explored. The first MRI done on my brother missed the blood clot that caused his stroke, but the one taken the next day showed the extent of it and the damage done.I think your sister definitely needs to have an MRI done to rule out a mini stroke.Even doing that may not be enough. My brother was in the midst of his stroke when he went into the ER but because of his age and he looked healthy, they did not catch it until the next day, long after the TPA could have been administered to reduce the damage.
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