Who is Coltrane, the jazz musician

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John Coltrane is an award winning jazz sax player. Coltrane dies of liver disease in 1967. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-is-coltrane%2C-the-jazz-musician ]
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How to Paint a Portrait of Jazz Musician John Coltrane?
Summary: Our jazz musician portrait artist expert discusses painting John Coltrane in this free instructional art video.
Why does John Coltrane’s music continue to be an inspiration to j…?
From the late 1950s until his death he was considered the outstanding tenor and soprano saxophonist of the jazz avant-garde, and his music continues to be a strong source of inspiration to jazz and pop musicians.
When you talk about jazz of the ’60s, are you referring to musici…?
Last semester we stuck exclusively to those guys: Trane, Davis, Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus. We’ll start from there and move into more contemporary music.

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Who is the most influential/greatest jazz musician of all time?
Q: I’m a trumpet player, but I think Charlie Parker is more influential than Loui Armstrong.What do you think?My rank:1 Parker2 Armstrong3 Miles4 Coltrane5 Rollinsi cant believe i forgot ellington!!btw then i think he should be #2
A: I can’t believe that no one has yet mentioned/considered Thelonious Monk (for what should be very obvious reasons). that said, how about Albert Ayler? as Anthony Braxton and others have so rightly pointed out, sax playing was never the same after him…
Who was the biggest jazz musician of the 1950s?
Q: I have a project for school. I know it’s hard, but I can’t use them all. Try to narrow it down for me. Miles DavisNat King Cole Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie John Coltrane Thelonious Monk Ella FitzgeraldBillie HolidayThis was not the question I was given. I’m doing a huge project and can’t put all of these musicians in, though I’d love to, so I need to narrow it down.Because of their actual life spans, I have narrowed it down to:Ella FitzgeraldJohn ColtraneMiles Davis.Which one now? Help! Please, just write one of these three names.
A: That’s a hard list to narrow down, that’s an essential list right there…However, Coltrane may have had the widest influence of all, but Davis had more influence outside of jazz. Billie Holiday was the voice…I guess if I had to pick one, I’ll go with Charlie Parker, who died at his peak and achieved immortal status… Many would consider him the heart and soul of jazz in the 50’s.
Jazz: Miles Davis or John Coltrane?
Q: Davis and Coltrane are undoubtedly two of the greatest Jazz musicians to have ever lived, but who in your opinion do you think is the best and who is your favorite?
A: This question can’t be answered straight up. They played different instruments with different styles and only really played in the same music scene from ’56 to the early 60’s, not even ten years. They have to be compared on something where they both have similarities.Composition– I think I have to go with Coltrane. Not for the actual tunes, but for the artistic vision. He definitely had some crazy ideas and ambitions that went far beyond music. Not even composing tunes, but album composition has to go to Coltrane.Innovation in timbre on respective instrument– I think Davis has this one easy. I have not heard a single trumpeter who doesn’t sound like Davis at some point. I was just listening to Nat Adderley on cornet and I could hear Davis’ timbre of 5 years before!! Innovation in solo style on respective instrument– This is a close one. I’m putting Coltrane up by a nose. While every trumpeter wants to capture Davis’ sublime trumpet voice, Coltrane’s dexterity and musical exploration in solos ranges through a number of instruments. His catching chord style can be heard in altos, tenors, flutes pretty much any woodwind. Listen to Eric Dolphy on Bass clarinet and tell me you don’t hear some Coltrane in there.Coolness– Hands down Davis. HANDS DOWN DAVIS. The coolest musician. One of the coolest people. Davis dressed better and looked sharper than Coltrane, easy answer.So, I guess it depends on how you look at it. I really like Davis, but I wouldn’t say he’s better than Coltrane. Definitely a case of apples and oranges, though they can be compared on specific things.-AE
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