Why am I peeing milk

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Cloudy urine or milky urine may result from other symptoms such as blood in urine, proteinuria, urine substances or other causes of urine color changes. Cloudy urine may indicate serious disease and needs prompt professional medical diagnosis. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-peeing-milk ]
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Is milk cows pee?
Milk, Not Pee Of course milk is not pee! If we drink it to nourish our bodies it can’t be! milk has calcium and pee dosen’t. we can’t drink pee instead of milk because it doesn’t have any antibodies (immunoglobulins)
Do cows pee milk…….?
No. Milk comes from their udders (the pink bulb thing with extensions), equivalent to the human female breast. Pregnant women make milk that is perfect for the human species. I don’t know why we steal milk from a species that is not remotel…
Why Is My Puppy Peeing White Milky In Morning?
Urinary tract infection can be the cause of milky/cloudy urine in dogs. Bacteria are usually culprit in causing urinary tract infection. Conditions like stones in kidney and bladder and tumors/cancer in bladder can increase the risk of uri…

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why does my pee smell like Milk?
Q: i had a huge Glass of milk Last night at like 12:00 Am and than i went to go pee and it smelled just like milk?why is that and i had Nasty Discharge it was white what does that mean? it smells so bad?
A: You smell your pee??? EwwwwwI know if I drink a lot of coffee it stinks like coffee… the other crap just sounds bad. Might wanna see your gyno…
Why am I peeing so much???????????????? ?????????????? ????????? ??????????????????????? ?????????????????????
Q: All i’ve had to drink in a cup of milk at 7am and a cup of coffee at 9am (it’s almost three) and i’ve had nothing to eat. For the last 3 hours i’ve been peeing every 20 minutes and i only had a tiny cup of coffee, and i drink coffee all the time and it’s never done this before!
A: coffee does act as a diuretic (makes you pee more) so maybe its just that. Even though you have had it before, could still be the reason why. Cafeine does that.
5weeks and peeing mostly at night?
Q: I’m 5 weeks pregnant and seem to only have a problem with peeing at night. During the day I don’t pee that much but I drink a lot of fluids. (water, skim milk, juice) Why am I getting up in the middle of the night almost every other hour to pee? Is this normal? I always thought a pregnant woman has a problem with peeing all the time during the day when she’s drinking more fluids.
A: I’m 12 weeks pregnant and I have the same problem! I’ve been getting up almost every hour or two in the night to pee, it does seem to be worse at night than it is in the day. I’m pretty sure it’s normal and nothing to worry about, I guess it’s our bodies preparing for all those midnight feedings we will be doing, lol. Good luck too you!
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