Why are my nails purple

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The appearance of the fingernails may be a symptom of a systemic disease such as lupus, it is best that you go to a doctor. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-my-nails-purple ]
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Why do your nails turn purple when you’re cold?
Not the nails, the fingers, the toes,the lips any extremity open to cold conditions. For instance, when a person suffers from hypothermia, their entire body becomes frigid, thus the most open portions of the body, like the fingers and toes …

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why are my nails are purple? (and its not nail polish)?
Q: it looks weird. but i havent really noticed until my little sister asked me why my nails are purple.. . im gonna take a guess, but is it because of poor circulation?
A: This cannot be answered without being more specific. Purple means many many things depending on the depth of color, whether or not there is a white strip and where, if there is a hint of red in it? Could be anything from anaemia to Raynauds phenomenon. Also is this constant or does it change with pressure or temperature. If anyone on here says they know without knowing all the facts, they are incorrect. Your nails, just like your eyes can tell a lot about your health but they have to be looked at to know.
my nails just started turning a purple color, why?
Q: a couple days ago my nails started turning a purple/blue color. i’m FREEZING all the time.i haven’t really been eating normally .. i have a couple undiagnosed eating problems.i’ve been abusing laxatives , and eating less than a few hundred calories a day for the past couple months and i’ve been wondering if that had anything to do with it.also, i have been anemic before because of heavy flow with my period, but i haven’t gotten my period in a very long time (months). so i was just wondering WHATS UP with that? why are my nails turning purple/pale blue?! should i go and see my doctor??i’m 16 and i’m a female.
A: you know why it’s happening. the eating issues and blood issue is what’s causing it. i wouldn’t want to go to a doctor but that’s just me. i think they’re too nosy with things I don’t want help with. if you’re not doing it already you should try taking vitamins and see if that helps any, you may just be needing nutrients.
Why do my nails randomly turn purple?
Q: Every now and then on one or both of my thumbnails, the flesh underneath turns a maude purple color, and then will randomly go back to pink.could this be attributed to cold?
A: it should be because they are cold. nails can also look a little bit purple if u were wearing nail polish for a period of time, because nails also need oxygen. it sounds to me that they are only purple because you are cold.
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