Why are some bowel movements yellow

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If no specific food can be found as the cause of a yellow bowel movement, then it’s possible that it could be gerd, cholestasis, liver disease, gall bladder disease, or pancreatic disease, among others. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-some-bowel-movements-yellow ]
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Why is my 14 month old sons bowel movements yellow?
Are you using the same brands as you were before for his diet? We found that one brand of milk turned our son’s stool yellowish green. When we switched back to the other brand of milk it stopped. You may want to give your doctor a call and…
What does yellow diarrhea bowel movements mean or indicate??
I would strongly suggest that you make an appointment with a colorectal specialist or a gastroenterologist (stomach specialist) as yellow diarrhea can be related to bacterial infection or perhaps a parasite known as giardia. Here is some in…
Are Yellow Bowel Movements Normal?
The movement of stools in your digestive tract starts out green. The next step is passing through the digestive tract where the stools start turning bright yellow. However, the digestive tract is full of bile and bacteria, so they work on t…

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Breastfed babies bowel movements are different. Why?
Q: My 3 mo old is exclusively breastfed, and is fed bottles of expressed milk during the work day. Today and one day last week his stool looked MUCH different than normal. Unlike the normal seedy looking yellowish stool, these are just runny yellow liquid, no seedy things and not nearly as voluminous as normal. Any idea why? He has a bm two to three times a day on average. I am going to call the nurse in the a.m. to see what she has to say, but I thought I would get some ideas tonight. Thanks.
A: My 9 month old is also exclusively breastfeed and I noticed the same change in his stool around 3 – 4 months as well. As they get older their poo does change, but if it’s extra watery you may want to take him to his doctor just to rule out diarrhea.
A little bit of clear yellow mucus came out of my rectum, why?
Q: When I was trying to have a bowel movement, just some gas was coming out, but nothing would come out, when I wiped, there was a little bit of clear yellowish mucus. Is this normal?This morning I also had a small bowel movement and there was some of this mucus in the toilet also.On Friday, I had diarrhea, but haven’t had it since then. Since Friday I haven’t had much stool that has came out. Just 2 smaller pieces.
A: Mucous in stool isn’t necessarily a sign of a problem. In fact, the large intestine naturally produces mucous with a special membrane used to trap foreign particles and move waste through the digestive system. Since the mucous serves to protect your digestive system, it is not unusual to find increased amounts of mucous when suffering from constipation or diarrhea
Why is this bowel movement so stange?
Q: This is gross, sorry but it has been bothering me. When I was 11 I went to the restroom and had an experience that I have never had since and I always wondered what it was that caused it.I was squating down like normal b/c I was in a public place, and when it came out it was fast, loud and violently squirted directly behind me onto the wall. I am not talking about a little bit of splatter I am talking about the entire bowel movement shot back onto the wall with great pressure. And to make it even weirder it was yellow with chunks and looked like throw up and smelled like throw up. It wasn’t just yellowish brown but pure yellow with some other chunks of color in there as well. I remember being so embarassed that I lied and said I didn’t do it to the janitor who replied “If you threw up youre not in trouble but tell us so we can send you home.” Anyways, has this ever happened to anyone else?
A: lol your stomache was upset… but if i were you i would be concerned about WHERE it went and not the color
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