Why are vultures bald

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The vulture’s bald head allows it to plunge into all sorts of carcasses, and come out clean. Without feathers to serve as a habitat for all the bacteria that infests their meals, vultures soar through their lives disease-free. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-vultures-bald ]
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Why are vultures bald?
Local baldness is a trait carried in many species of birds, including macaws (on the eye area), buzzards, and bald eagles. Buzzards are also carrion feeders and they’re probably in the second-cousin range of vultures, so the baldness would …
Why do vultures have bald heads?
To put their head and neck easier inside the animal corpses they eat.
How to Tell the Difference Between a Soaring Turkey Vulture and B…?
High-flying turkey vultures and bald eagles can look very similar to us ground dwellers. Here is a fool-proof way to tell the difference between them. No binoculars needed!

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Why are vultures bald?
A: Local baldness is a trait carried in many species of birds, including macaws (on the eye area), buzzards, and bald eagles. Buzzards are also carrion feeders and they’re probably in the second-cousin range of vultures, so the baldness would have come from a common ancestor, and for the obvious reasons already listed, ancestors that weren’t bald probably didn’t have much of a chance to breed for very long before they died.
about birds?
Q: i’m wondering why vultures are bald
A: Because they think there “slick”…..lolSeriously here is the reasonThere is an important purpose to the vulture’s bald head. When the vulture is eating carrion, it must often stick its head inside the carcass to reach the meat. A feathery head would capture unwanted pieces of the vulture’s meal, along with all the bacteria it hosts. After mealtime, the turkey vulture perches in the heat of the sun. Here, whatever has managed to cling to the few bits of fuzz on their head will be baked off once and for all.
Why are republicans against gay marriage, but not against the bald eagle as the national bird?
Q: Leviticus 11:13 — “Of the birds, these you shall loathe and, as loathsome, they shall not be eaten: the eagle, the vulture, the osprey…”Republicans use Leviticus as the reason why homosexulaity is wrong, so why do they openly sin by accepting the eagle as the national bird, even though it clearly goes against the Lords word?It says “you shall loathe”
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