Why do diseases skip a generation

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Because you have genes that are passed onto your child and you only get half of them and when you mate if you don’t have the disease than you have a higher chance of passing onto your kid. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-diseases-skip-a-generation ]
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Why do some diseases skip a generation?
because you have genes that are passed onto your child and you only get half of them and when you mate if you dont have the disease than you have a higher chance of passing onto your kid. and than so on or it might not even skip a generat…
Is it true that diseases and illnesses that are in your family sk…?
It depends on the disease/illness. NONE by rule always skip. However many genetic illness can be carried, but not expressed, either due to needing to have both sets of chromosomes containing the gene, or because a gene is not the only facto…
Does Alzheimer’s disease skip one generation?
Alzheimer’s Disease and Heredity Scientists recognize that Alzheimer’s Disease has two forms: The hereditary component is different for each. ・ FAD is known to be entirely inherited. It is estimated that only 5 to 10% of all cases are of th…

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How Could A Genetic Disease Be Present In A Baby With No Familial History?
Q: For example, how could a baby inherited Milroy disease, if the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did not have it?Can people carry genes for a disease, which lies dormant in them?How do certain diseases “skip a generation” Why do they?Are all disease carrying genes the same?How long does a gene pool live?(poorly phrased, I know.)
A: The 1st source below says that Milroy disease is autosomal dominant with variable expressivity. So that means that there are two possibilities. One is that there was a new mutation that only affected the baby (a mutation in the sperm, the egg, or early in the embryo’s development). The other is that other blood relatives did have the genetic defect, but for some unknown reason they only had a very mild version of the disease (that is what “variable expressivity” means — see 2nd source for more on genetics, including your other questions). Of course, there can be errors in people’s family histories, too. ;)Genetic studies may be able to clarify what the situation is in this particular family. Hope this helps.
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help biologists~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?
Q: Which of the following disorders is likely to be inherited by more males than females?a. Huntington’s disease b. Down syndromec. hemophilia d. cystic fibrosisNormally, lethal autosomal dominant traits are eliminated from a population because theya. have a late onset b. have an early onsetc. don’t produce phenotypes that affect a carrier’s healthd. aren’t dominantMost sex-linked traits are passed from mother to ________To analyze _______, geneticists make a chart of chromosomes called a(an) _________.The inheritance pattern that occurs equally in both sexes and skips generation is _____.The genotype of the individual represented by this pedigree symbol is ______. (Use the letters Y and y to represent alleles)Feather colors in pigeons are produced by _______ inheritance.Why do certain human genetic disorders, such as sickle-cell anemia and Sachs disease, occur more frequently among one ethnic group than another?How can a single gene mutation in a protein such as hemoglobin affect several body systems?
A: 1.c2b3male offspring4 dunno5dunno6dunno7polygenic inheritance8 because certain parts of the world or certain groups of people have a set of similar pooled genes that may make the occurance of certain disorders more likely to result9. A point mutation in dna can effect the way your entire body is created and how it functions so if one of your proteins is mutated then it could lead to many systemic problems
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