Why do goldfish die so easily

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A healthy goldfish aquarium starts with healthy goldfish. Buying goldfish without diseases or physical damage can be difficult. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-goldfish-die-so-easily ]
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Who do goldfish die so easily?
Goldfish can easily live 20+ years with proper care. It is not that they die easily, but owners are incompetent and fail to provide them PROPER care. I am sure if you have to live your life in a closet full of feces while being fed one food…
Why do Black Moor goldfish die so easily?
Maybe you are not caring for them properly, most goldfish have a relatively long lifespan. Read up on their proper care (tank size, water temperature and quality, fish mates (if any), etc…) If you are keeping goldfish with other tropical …
How do goldfish die?
well most of fish die by a illness or a diesease like all of mine have died by an illness.

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Why do Black Moor goldfish die so easily?
Q: I have owned many.All my fish live but them.
A: I dunno… Maybe they just have like low life spans…
On a scale of 1-10,what do you rate my persuasive essay?
Q: Its about what we consider to be the best pet.I consider a goldfish to be the best pet. They’re easy to take care of. However,they die easily if you don’t take care of them. If you want any type of pet,you must be responsible enough to remember to feed it and care for it otherwise it’ll die. The most an average household goldfish lives for about 6-8 years.I think a goldfish would be the best pet because all you have to do is clean out the water daily and feed it.You don’t need to take it for a walk like a dog.It can also do some neat tricks if you teach it to. You can teach it to jump up to get food. It can also follow your finger. So,in conclusion,I think that a goldfish is the best pet! It meets all of your needs and requirements. Its easy to take care of. You can also teach it some cool tricks. This is why I strongly believe that a goldfish is the perfect pet.I did indent my paragraph but it isn’t showing up on this.Is there anything I should change?lvliss.lvlanda,its not for 3rd grade. I think you’re in 3rd grade seeing that you don’t know where to put a question mark!
A: Very nice. My goldfish is over 15 years old (!)In your first sentence, you could leave out the “a” and instead say “I consider goldfish to be the best pets. They’re . . .”That way you keep it plural. In the next sentence you also say “they”, so you are talking about more than one. It’s just a little thing but as a fine touch, it is best to be consistent within a paragraph. In your second paragraph, you are consistent. You are talking about one goldfish – “it” instead of “they.”Nice essay!
How to clean lice from fish?
Q: I have a 10gal. fish tank, but they dying why does someone think that is? Now one has lice what is the best way to treat them and have them not come back? Hopefully it is something that is not gross I get really grossed out easily. How should I clean out their tank so they don’t get to shocked when I put tham back? What is the best water temperature for goldfish and which are fish to keep in heated water?
A: had a similar problem and I did regular warter changes and increased the amount of salt in the water. Use about 2 heaped tablespoons of sea salt (best from pet store) in a 10gallon tank. If it doesn’t get better, try ick guard (from any pet store) or any fish medicine for parasites,fish louse etc.
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