Why do I have weak hand muscles

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Weak hand muscles can be a symptom of a few obscure diseases, most likely you should just do some grip strengthening exercises. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-have-weak-hand-muscles ]
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Why do I have weak hand muscles
Weak hand muscles can be a symptom of a few obscure diseases, most likely you should just do some grip strengthening exercises.
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Why do some people get a weak feeling in their hands when they wake up?
Q: When I wake up in the morning, before I even get out of bed, it’s difficult for me to make a fist with my hands. It seems like the muscles don’t work or something; it’s hard to explain, and I get a weird feeling in the palms of my hands.My mother doesn’t get this, but my sister does, and I think I’ve heard of some of my friends having it. I’ve read something somewhere about it, but I don’t remember and I’m curious……does anyone have any information about a) why it happens and/or b) why it happens to some people but not to others?It’s not a falling-asleep feeling. It’s … I guess the best way I can describe it is the momentary weakness you feel when you are being tickled or about to shiver. Kind of a muscle spasm, except prolonged.
A: Spinal misalignment from sleeping on a bed or in a position that’s not right for you. Your neck to mid-back is pinching off the nerves to your hands.
I’m a strong guy and I feel like I can take on anyone. But when it comes to it, I get really weak. Why?
Q: Okay, I go to the gym once every week, I do push ups every other day and all sorts of muscle building techniques. My muscles are toned and I have strong muscles, so I feel like I can fight anyone. Today, I fought a guy like 10 centimeters shorter than me and my punches were like a little girl’s kicks. I was like “Wtf? My punches are useless”/ What is this? I’m really strong but when it comes to fighting someone, I get a bit shaky all over my body, hands and legs and I feel really weak. Why? I know I can take him on, definately, but I just loose half or 3 quarters of my strength when I fight someone. Can somebody explain why this happens? Thanks
A: Your muscles may be strong but your mind is weak.
Why do my kids and I keep getting sick?
Q: This is really strange! I have had the most unusual illness. I have been having a tingling in the left arm, weak and having heart palpitations weak legs and muscles and strange neurological sensations. So is my 11 year old son! He has had this off and on after a bad fever and strep but doc says no about rheumatic fever since he had been treated! (diagnosed it as acid reflux) Now my 4year old daughter told me today that her hand was “itchy” and her legs too. She has been so weak and tired. We have continually been sick -like every two – three weeks. They have had strep farengitis sinusitus and such. Have had rashes high fevers and even boils in recent months. I am looking for a better doctor. I have no faith in the one we have seen for the past two years here. He does not seem concerned and says that “I am reading to much into this !!!!”We all have dark circles under our eyes. Also felt dizzy and stomache aches diareah. Any one know of this? What can I do?
A: The tingling in your arm and heart palapatations could be an early sign of stroke, please go see a specialist and get this checked. As far as the reocurring infections, sometimes people re infect themselves with their tooth brush, throw them all away, and buy new ones every time one of your children is sick and after they get better, replace that tooth brush as well. Or a cheaper way is to run them through the dishwasher. Viruses love moisture and can live up to 48 hours or more on a tooth brush. Also get lysol and disenfect door knobs, light switches, fridge doors ect. Then a little bleach and water will kill whats left on floors, tubs, sinks and toilets. Air out your house well to. Change your air filter in your furnace. Boost your immune system with a good multi vitamin for you and the kids, and try eating lots of fruits and veggies until you are feeling stronger. Flush out the toxins in your system with lots and lots of water. I know this sounds like a lot but it works, I ve been there with reocurring infections. Good luck.
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