Why do people have diarrhea? MORE

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Chronic diarrhea is usually related to functional disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-have-diarrhea%3F-more ]
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because they eat too muck crap
The first thing to do is make sure you continue to drink lots of fluids. Diarrhea can dehydrate you very quickly. Secondly, find a different Doctor, and go to him/her ASAP. Your condition may or may not be related to your auto accident, but…
Having diarrhea is never pleasant. There are hundreds of things that can cause diarrhea in adults. When an adult has diarrhea it is always a good idea to identify the underlying cause so that it can be treated properly and efficiently. This…

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Why do you think my 11 month old gets diarrhea the more solids he eats?
Q: It’s not the baby food third food solids. Its my food. He doesn’t want the third foods, he wants small pieces of my dinner. So I mash it up real tiny, or to the size of a cheerio and he eats it. He loves it, eats it right up. He’s never had a problem with consitipation. Its like its going through him quicker. Any ideas of why? He’ll be seeing the pediatrician next month and I plan on asking. But in the mean time, I would like to hear ideas of what it might be so I can alter his diet a little to see if it makes a difference.FYI–the baby food made it like a paste. The “people food” makes it more liquid with some areas thicker in it. Sorry–graphic–but looking for help.
A: I think it’s probably more about the substance than the texture. What are you feeding him? Maybe there is something that he’s eating that doesn’t go well with his system. Both of my boys couldn’t stomach many preservatives and additives until they were much older than 11 mo, including some spices too. Make sure you are giving him whole foods as much as possible (meat, veggies, in their true form) and not processed dinners. Hope that helps.
I need help on a science homework question. Its regarding babies and old people being vunerable to infections?
Q: Hi guys heres the question I need someone to shed some light on please.Explain why babies and older people are more vulnerable to infections, such as food poisoning that cause diarrhoea and vomiting.^^^^^^^^^^I have an idea- I know its something to do with their immune system but im not sure.someone please helpIn addition to this could someone tell me the the importance of maintaining acid-base (electrolyte) levels.
A: Well…as for babies, they are more subject to diseases because their body spends more energy in building processes rather that immunity functions, besides, their immune system isn’t mature enough yet. Old people, on the contrary, have more catabolitic activities, and thus their body is losing its functions instead of getting ahead. You know that when you get older, your brain is changed n so is your body, Cells die rather than being formed(The total number of cells being built is less than those which die), and this regression applies to their immune system as well. It also known that cell aging makes a cell lose its functions, and it becomes less bearing to the extra-environmental stresses thus being more vulnerable to cell injury. necrosis and apoptosis), and visit pathology websites. Use this http://www.humpath.com/Websites-Pathology. Have a nice day!
Why do people not like to take their pets to the vet???
Q: One of my friends waited 2 days while her German Shepherd puppy had bloody diarrhea & then dumped it on me….I do not like dogs but I took him to the vet because I can’t look at an animal suffering & my vet doesn’t really charge that much……He had Parvo & they really didn’t think he would live & he was so uncomfortable that I had him euthanized……Why don’t people get their animals vaccinated or take them to the vet???I’m really pissed right now….She makes A LOT more money than me, that pup did not deserve to die. :(Sorry I really needed to vent…..I am not pissed that I spent money on this dog at all!! I am just pissed that it had been in pain for that long – when my Siamese cat got cancer I took her to the vet!! I am still paying off the vet bill but it was worth it to not have her suffer
A: I applaud you for doing what you did. You took responsibility when the owner didn’t. It’s unfortunate that this dog had to die because of parvo, which is easily preventable. This “friend” of yours should NEVER NEVER NEVER own another animal of any kind ever again. The only advice I can give you, is don’t be friends with this person. Whatever money you spent, consider it charity and walk away.
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