Why do skinny girls get cellulite too

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Cellulite is in fact primarily a disease of the circulatory system that deforms the connective tissue. It’s not just for obese! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-skinny-girls-get-cellulite-too ]
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Why do skinny girls get cellulite too
Cellulite is in fact primarily a disease of the circulatory system that deforms the connective tissue. It’s not just for obese!

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Cellulite, Lower Back, and Under Butt questions, care to answer?
Q: 1. Why is it even the skinniest girls get cellulite and flab problems?2. I AM a skinny girl, 5’7, 111 lbs. and yet my lower back has a little to much luciousness and my butt is really muscular from volleyball but it looks saggy and has a few unsightly rolls under it. What excersises or anything can I do to make these rolls disappear and my back lose some fat? I know cellulite is practically impossible to get rid of without surgery so I wont ask about that but I have a little bit of that too if there’s any tips you have for it. Thanks much. :]
A: Cardio excercise is what burns fat, but you do want to have tone to all of your muscles as well since muscle burns fat. So I would recommend strength training and cardio. You should shoot for a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio atleast 5 days a week. And do strength training excercises 3 days a week. There is no way for you to target areas for fat loss, your body will decide where to put it first when you gain, and where to lose it first when you lose. So just aim for fat loss and you should be ok.
Your opinion to this , please :)?
Q: I have this work for my english class, where i am suppose to write a conversation between 4 teenagers who feel bad about themselves for some reason.I would like you to give me your opinion and let me know if there is any grammar mistake, once that I am portuguese. (:In the bathroom.Anoretic Girl – MelanieConceited Girl- KatieBulimic girl – NicoleThe girl with complexes about her nose- MiaShe asks to herself in front of the mirror, while looking at herself on it.Melanie: Is it possible to exist anyone fatter than me? -Why can’t I look like a supermodel? Why can’t I just have a perfect figure? Skinny legs, arms, flat stomach and no cheeks? She starts crying. Against the bathroom’s wall, with her head upon her knees. The conceited girl gets in the bathroom.Katie: – For god sake. Are you crying again? She asked.Melanie: Leave me alone.Katie left the bathroom after putting some more make up on.Mia gets in the bathroom, without even noticing that melanie is there.In front of the mirror Mia complains to herself;Mia: I would look so much better without this horrible nose. Melanie raises her head and asks:Melanie: What’s wrong with your nose?Mia: Oh sorry! I didn’t notice you were there.… Well … I Hate it, it’s too big and everybody says that I look like a bird.Melanie: Really? It seems normal to me…Mia: Do you really mean it? Melanie: Yes, I do. Don’t let anyone bring you down because of the size of your nose.Mia: Thanks for the support , but I just can’t help it, I really hate the way it looks. But never mind… anyways it looks like you were crying.Melanie: Yes I was.Mia: Why? Melanie gets up.Melanie: look at my body. That’s the reason why.Mia: Oh gosh! You look so skinny! I completely get the reason why you are so sad!Melanie: Skinny? You should be worried about getting glasses, not about your nose. Can’t you see that I’m fatter than a cow?Mia: Are you kidding me? I can see your bones and rips girl.Melanie: And I can see extra meat on my legs that should even be here.Suddenly Nicole gets in, and starts puking on the toilet.Mia: Are you okay?After Nicole finish throwing up.Nicole: I’m better now that I’ve puke. Mia: Are you also crazy?Nicole: What do you mean by “crazy”?Mia: just tell me something, how do you see yourself in the mirror? Fat or skinny?Nicole: Fat.Mia: That’s what I thought.Melanie: I think your fine.Mia: No ! You are fine! I love the way you look. Mia: Okay … you are both crazy.Katie gets in once again and completely ignores the other girl’s presence.In front of the mirror:Katie: Jesus Christ! I have never looked this good in my whole life!The other girls stare at her.Katie: It’s a pity that not everybody can look like me.Mia says to Melanie and Nicole;Mia: At least she has a pretty nose…Melanie: No flat stomach…Nicole: Also, No cellulite for sure… After hearing other girls’ compliments she answers: Katie: No cellulite, no flat stomach, and a gorgeous nose… I mean my whole face is perfect!Don’t you wish to have a body and face like mine?Mia: Not me… I like your nose, but you are too conceited .Melanie: I like your body, but I’m fine with my facial features, so I guess that I wouldn’t change it for yours… and yes, you are a bit full of yourself.Nicole: Bah, I don’t like you. You look good with your mouth shut up, so you can’t say stupid things.Katie: Being jealous doesn’t look good on you girls.Mia: Being rude, and stupid doesn’t look good on you either.Melanie: You know what? Thanks Katie.Nicole: Thanks?Melanie: Yes thanks. She made me see that it may be better not to look perfect on the outside.Mia: Why do you say that?Melanie: I just don’t want to become someone like her. Full of myself and let other people down.Mia: Yeah you are right. I still don’t like my nose, but at least I’m a good person.Katie: What the hell are you girls talking about? I’m one of the most popular girls at school, and if that happens it means that I am obviously a good person!Nicole: No Katie. It means that everybody wants to please you.Mia: and all the girls want to be your friends so they are also invited to the parties you go where all the guys are hot and popular.Melanie: Isn’t it time for you to let the masquerade fall?Katie: am I that mean?Nicole: I believe you are just hiding the true you behind all that make up and self-conceited attitude.Katie starts taking her make up off.Katie: I never meant to be stupid… or look like that…Maybe you are right… I think it’s time to face the world as me…Katie: Can I hang out with you more often ?Nicole, mia and Melanie:Sure!Katie:You guys are right… it’s not really about the outside. Thank you for teaching me that.
A: nice conversation and nice grammar i think
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