Why do some people only have 2 fingers

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People can lose their fingers in many ways such as, amputation, disease, and farming accidents! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-people-only-have-2-fingers ]
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Why do some people only have 2 fingers
People can lose their fingers in many ways such as, amputation, disease, and farming accidents! ChaCha again!
Why must people touch the fish with only 2 fingers?
Why do people continue to ask questions that don’t make any sense? Maybe because they’re unsure how the fish will feel, or maybe because they’re afraid of the fish itself?

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Why do some people doubt Bruce Lee?!?
Q: It is mainly MMA guys that diss Bruce Lee even though he is their so called “father”- Bruce Lee did all of these feats that turned a skinny guy from Hong Kong into a ripped fighting machine!:50 one armed chin upsFinger push ups with the thumb and index finger on only 1 hand2-6 miles of running every daySupporting a 75 lb barbell at arms’ length for several secondsExtended V sits/horse stance-V sits particularly for over 30 minutesSending people outweighing him by as much as 100 lbs flying up to 15 feet through the air from a side kickSending a 300lb punch bag flying and making it hit the ceilingUsing the infamous 1 inch punch to knock over a black belt in karate and give him chest pain for over a dayBreak wooden boards 6 inches thick with his punchesHit in 5 hundreths of a secondMake the cameras increase the frames per second when shooting from 24 fps to 32fps as he was too fastSnatch a dime from a person’s hand and drop the penny again before retracting all before the person closed their handFrom what I have read and heard about Bruce Lee, he almost certainly studied:Tai Chi (Lee Hoi Cheun), Wing Tchun (Yip Man/Wong Shun Leung) , Boxing (fighting Gary Elms) ,Fencing (Peter Lee) , JuJitsu (Wally Jay), Judo (Gene La Bell), Karate (Chuck Norris/Ed Parker)and also did (no conclusive proof/backstory): Phillipine based wrestling, The Phillipine’s Kali/Eskrima, Greco Roman Wrestling, Muay Thai, Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do,Savate and some sort of kickboxing.It’s funny how these martial arts go together!Not to mention he was a pioneer (along with Arnold) of bodybuilding and strength training and how training for hypertrophy through medium-high reps with a fast contraction is good for strength and power.Anyway, people diss him even though he did this BEFORE anybody else. The closest that anyone got to him during that time were the Shaolin Monks BUT they didn’t look at other aspects of the martial arts such as excessive groundwork and wrestling or the use of weight training as a way to develop strength AND power!Oh yeah, let’s not forget that he would’ve kicked ass in the UFC from the martial arts he studied and combined (YES he grappled-do you honestly think somebody like that wouldn’t learn to grapple?!) . Not to mention that he would be the toughest and healthiest 68 year old around if he survived (probably being able to take on people half his age bar black belts or UFC champions in their 20’s or 30’s lol). In fact, he would have uncovered MORE “secrets” if he were still alive.What’s your opinion now?Oh-for fans, what do you think made him so good/be able to do these feats? I personally think it’s the discipline, wanting to experiment with different things, and the iron body training that Shaolin Monks and Kyokushinkai seem to do!I forgot to say-he shoved his fingers through old-school cans of soft drinks-you know, those ringed aluminium ones with the soda in them-his fingers went through to the other side!That’s a classic example of iron body training used today as well as his pain threshold!Bruce Lee would NOT “wet his pants” vs Karelin Alexander-that’s the whole point of a martial art, especially Judo/Jiu Jitsu-to take on someone bigger than youOk,Karelin Alexander seems to be stronger BUT what about his striking arts/skill hmm?
A: bruce is not the father of mma.mixing martial arta has been going on for century’s and people like you think he is the first to do this, that is hilarious. its even more funny that yiou thin he is the only one in history to do every think you listed
Road Rage – Why can some people be such bullies on the road?
Q: I drive for a living but it never fails to amaze me how nasty/inconsiderate can be.Today I was doing 70mph down the motorway & I needed to move over to the fast lane to let a load of cars onto the motorway. Not only did cars on the fast lane ignore my indicator light but they sped up to stop any cars coming out & when I did find a gap I went for it. No response from the guy behind. 10 miles later, he had to slow down to get off the motorway & as I passed him, he extended his whole arm out of the car & gave me the finger.Another time I was on the road, a guy was honking constantly because a woman didn’t join the roundabout within 2 seconds of going there. In her panic of him abusing her, she took the next available gap & joined the roundabout only to have miss-judged it. 3 cars pilled into each other that day, & the guy, he drove off taking no responsibility. Don’t people realise that they can cause an accident by upsetting other people? Any other stories out there?
A: Im afraid its modern driving. i drive lorries for a living and until recently part of my job was cleaning up accidents which i gave up after seeing one too many dead bodies and cleaning up blood stained tarmac. people are too impatient. a recent example i attended was a person who got bored of waiting to get out of a busy junction and decided to just go unfortunately she ignored the 44 ton truck 50 feet away. result instant death.the few extra seconds saved arent worth a life. no journey is that important. As for the poor innocent lorry driver i spoke to him at the inquest and he has never drove since. his livelyhood taken away for someone elses impatience.
Why do some people clip their nails at work?
Q: I sit on a floor in NYC filled with cubicles. 2 people near me like to clip their finger nails at their desk, usually at their lunch break. I find the noise to be disturbing and quite frankly, it is just plain rude and disgusting. Just about every job I have had, there is always someone who has to clip their nails at work. Don’t get me started on the guy who used to clip his toe nails at work or the people that ride the subway and clip their nails. Am I the only one who finds this unnacceptable?Ha ha! Part of the problem besides bad parenting is the fact that they sell keychain nail clippers. They should be banned!LOL!To Edoedo…That is kind of a stupid reply. I am having fun with this and not calling the Rude People Police. This is the right place for this kind of question. Plus, if someone is in their car and picking their nose, it does not affect me and they are not in my space or in communal space. People can do what they want in their own privacy and space. Now go clip your nails at your desk.
A: I definitely know what you mean. I too live in cubicleland and it seems as though people WAIT to come to work to clip their nails. As though they sit at home watching them grow and then think their little “cubbies” are their private bathrooms or something…oh, and then the echo of each little “clip!”…..”clip!” It is totally gross and very socially unacceptable. I once worked with this prissy girl who was so uptight and “every hair in its place” type and then (in a very open office space) walked past her one day with her foot up ON her desk, shoe and sock OFF digging into her toes. EWWWWW.You are not alone, friend 🙂
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