Why do some poops float and others sink

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Conventional medical wisdom attributes Floaters to the amount of fat in your poop. While this IS true for certain diseases MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-poops-float-and-others-sink ]
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What causes some poops to float? and others to sink??
Their mass and their shape. If they can displace more than their own weight of water they will float.
Why does poop sometimes float and other times sink??
I have this idea that it disappears because it sinks and slips right down the hole in the toilet, too far in to see. I sure hope I’m right! Folks who said float/sink depends on your diet and how long it spent in your intestine, because that…
Does your poop(bowel movements) float or sink??
“it will depend on what you eat” For most people, it’s best if the stool is light enough that it doesn’t sink. Heavy stool may indicate too much compression in the large intestine, and often more fiber in the diet is the answer. S…

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why does some poop float and others sink?
Q: Even some time in the same sitting some of my dump will sink and soem will float. There must be soem scienific reason for this.
A: The floaters are from the fat content in your diet.
Need help with my neon tetras. Please help!!!!!!?
Q: Hey. Before i get into anything, let me tell you some basic information.I have 7 neon tetras and 2 zebra danio. The pet smart guy said that they are basically the same and will eat the same stuff, etc. And i have two plants that float(but they weren’t made to, which i will be getting to later). I have a filter. FEEDING: I am not having trouble feeding him but wondering how MUCH to feed them. How much will they eat before getting full? Other than that i don’t really have any more troubles for feeding.PLANTS: I bought 2 plants. They are the ones that were made to sink because they have the things on the bottom so that when water gets in they will sink…but when i did that, it didn’t sink, it just floated. Why aren’t they sinking. How can i get them to sink without harming the fish? Should i just let them float? Right now i put some washed washers in here so they would sink but… CLEANING: As said earlier i have a filter. That cleans the water and stuff but what about the poop. Will the filter cover that? What is the filter capable of?BABIES: I have no clue if this is gonna happen so i want to know the odds of the neon’s or zebras mating. I have 7 neon’s and 2 zebras.I want them to have babies. So what do you think the odds of any breed mating and which ones? Would the zebras and the neon’s mate?Thanks for reading.
A: Feeding- I would feeding them a small amount twice a day. Plants. Try putting some gravel in the bottom. Those plants will float because they are made to be put into the gravel( basically, bury the thing on the bottom into the gravel).Cleaning- The filter will clean the water of things floating near it. It most likey also has carbon, which gets the smell and color out of the water. Do a 25% water change every week to two weeks. Babies- Although those fish will lay eggs in your aquauim, you will not rasie the babies without very hard work . Neon tetras eggs are light senstive and when they hatch, they must be feed infusoria, which you must culture your self. Danios are the same with the feeding. Also, they will not breed together. As a side note, I would get 2 more danois, becasue they like to be in groups.Hope this helps!!!!
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