Why does my dog vomit white mucus

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Many things cause vomiting in dogs, like dietary indiscretion, foreign body obstruction, infectious/metabolic diseases, toxicity. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-dog-vomit-white-mucus ]
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What to Give a Dog for Severe Mucus & Vomiting
・ Dogs vomit, regurgitate, gag, hack and drop food and water from their mouths. It’s important to be able… ・ Many times, dogs vomit simply because they overate, ate too fast or ate something that upset their stomachs… ・ Begin home treat…
Why Has My Dog Been Occasionally Vomiting With Mucous In His Stoo…?
Occasional vomiting in dogs is not due to a pathology. This can be due to eating habits of the dogs. If your dog is vomiting off and on then no need to worry. If vomiting continues for more than one day then it is an medical emergency and n…
What could be wrong if your dog is vomiting and has green mucus c…?
You should take him/her to the Vet immediately. Potential issues could be a respiratory infection, like bronchitis and as severe as lung worm.

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Why is my dog coughing up white foam and clear liquid?
Q: My husband and I adopted a dog from the local animal shelter last week. I took him to the vet just for a check up the day after we brought him home. He had hook worms and whip worms. I’ve given him the 3 day treatment for the worms already. He’s eating and drinking normally and doesn’t seem overly tired or lethargic, but late last night he started vomiting/coughing/gagging. He starts with a deep almost chesty cough and gags then throws up a white foam/clear liquid. Every once in a while he also coughs up a thicker mucus almost and his nose runs quite a bit. He’s also breathing a little heavily, but he’s done that for as long as we’ve had him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We’re going to the vet first thing in the morning, but any advice on how I can treat his symptoms temporarily or help make him more comfortable would be great. Any insight as to what this might be would be appreciated as well so we’re not totally unprepared at the dr’s tomorrow. Thanks so much!I thought Kennel Cough at first as well. My other 2 dogs had Kennel Cough about a year ago, but this cough is much deeper and my other two never coughed up a thick mucus like Tucker is doing now. I was concerned that it may be worms since when I took him to the vet they confirmed that he was positive for hook and whip worms. He’s done with the treatment, but could it be heart worms or would they have tested for that as well?Is there any chance it could be heartworms? I thought that heartworms didn’t show up in tests at the vet until 6 or 7 months after the animal was infected. I don’t know for sure if he was tested for it when we were in last week. He’s only 5 months old so they just went ahead and gave me hartgaurd to start him on.
A: Be watchful of dehydration during the night. A few ways to check for dehydration…. touch his gums with your fingers. They should feel wet and slimy as opposed to sticky and tacky. You can also check by pulling (gently) a chunk of his skin upward. It should go back into position immediately… if it goes back into position slowly, that is a sign of dehydration.If your dog is vomiting profusely and not holding in water and seems dehydrated, take him to a 24-hr emergency vet now. If he is staying hydrated, he can probably wait until morning. Best wishes!
My puppy is still vomiting after giving him worm pills?
Q: This past monday I took my puppy to the vet to get wormed because he still had worms even though he been dewormed once all ready before I got him. So the vet made me worm all my dogs because I guess the puppy gave them worms too. But ever since I gave my puppy his worm pills which was 2 1/2 pills he been vomiting. None of my other dogs are though. He does get car sick and on monday at the vet he puked a few times even before I gave him the worm medicine. But yesterday he puked about 3 or 4 times and all ready today he puked about 5 times or so but today it just been white looking mucus and the other day it was his food that he puked up. Does anyone know why my puppy could still be puking after giving him his worm pills? Also this is so weird but after he pukes he smells like fish…I am not joking but it seriously does smell like fish coming from him. I am really worried about him. Should I call my vet and explain everything to him? And could any of yous maybe tell me what could cause all of this? thanks so much.Yes my puppy chews on everything. He chews up carpet and has actually puked up carpet before. He also chews on sticks and my dresser I guess he likes wood. I am gonna call the vet and see what he says. But does anyone know why he would smell like fish after he pukes?Well…I just called my vet and she said to stop giving hjim water and he won’t want to puke and to jsut give him ice cubes. Also hold the food for 24 hours and tomorow give him some lean hamburger mixed with some rice. She said it probably wasn’t the worm medicine that caused the vomiting. So I am hoping this works….if not friday I will take him to the vet because they are not in tomorrow..
A: I would call the vet. sometimes they vomit worms up before and after treating them, but it sounds like your puppy is vomiting quite a bit. the vomiting may not even be related to the de-worming at all. he could have a foreign body he is trying to rid of. vomiting is a way for the body to try and get rid of something. has he chewed up any toys or fabrics? puppies eat/chew everything. call today. they may want to do xrays. good luck.
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