Why does my ex girlfriend have herpes

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Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease with no cure. Your ex either got it from you or some other sexual partner. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-ex-girlfriend-have-herpes ]
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Can my ex-girlfriend sue me for giving her herpes?
No attorney would take her case.・ 1) It isn’t worth anything, because there is no pemanent damage or disability associated with this “injury” … ・ 2) Unless you are known to be wealthy, what’s he going to sue you for? It’s a c…

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Please Help, Could I have herpes?
Q: Please Help, Could i have herpes?I am a 26 year old female. I am awaiting blood test results for HSV-1 and HSV-2. (There are no sores or lesions to take a culture from) I’m afraid I will not get a concrete yes or no answer from the blood test because it is not the best way to test for the virus. I can’t eat or sleep thinking about this please read my story and tell me if you think I could have herpes….(it gets a little complicated but stick with me)- I had a great ex-boyfriend who gets cold sores. We routinely performed oral sex on eachother.- near the end of our relationship we went on a trip to Mexico.- Came back from Mexico with a weird rash on my butt (underneath)- Rash started itchy then painful then healed- about 14 individual bumps or sores. Sores were never ON genitals…. just the skin on my butt and they did not look like the typical herpes pictures where there is a clustering of sores- went to doctor who agreed it was just a rash from something in mexico gave me ointment went away in 2 weeks- a year passed- had about 4 yeast infections (or what i think are yeast infections)(went away with monistat)- had one particularily bad yeast infection (very itchy) accompanied with a rash (not like the mexico rash at all…… more like a case of bumpy skin across my genitals) – Had unprotected sex with new partner- New partner left country for a month where he hooked up with ex-girlfriend.- New partner and his ex-girlfriend broke out into full blown herpes sores- they got tested and are POSITIVE for HSV-2- New partner came back to my life (I was unaware of his herpes outbreak + ex-girlfriend)- New partner had un-protected sex with me while knowing he had just contracted the virus – i get another yeast infection (monostat seems to clear it away)- Get an email from new partner’s ex-girlfriend over facebook telling me about the Herpes – I confront new partner and he says he was certain the virus came from me (that’s why he didn’t tell me)-obviously I no longer trust new partner and he could have lied to me and been with others- Over a month after I remain symptom and rash freeCould my “yeast infections” be just mild outbreaks of Herpes?Are outbreaks always accompanied by sores?
A: Okay…First of all, I highly suspect that the buttock rash that you describe that came about associated with your trip to Mexico was “hot tub folliculitis”. If you can now reflect back to even one hot tub event, then you likely sat in a hot tub that was infected with pseudomonas bacteria. Your description of the pimples evenly distributed to both cheeks is consistent. It is a common skin rash as you have described that almost always goes away on its own. Next is your question “could my yeast infections be just mild outbreaks of Herpes?” Not at all likely, because the signs and symptoms of HSV vs Yeast (at least externally) are dramatically different. It’s the itch of vulvovaginal yeast along with associated symptoms of discharge, pain, that would collectively point to yeast rather than viral HSV. All you need to do is to see one viral lesion first hand and you would know. The HSV lesion starts as a small pimple that is annoying. You scratch it to remove a tiny head. It grows in size to be flat and irrigular bumpy and hurts with a red surrounding skin. It matures into a cluster-like soft water filled lesion. The lesion breaks and then begins to scab over. It takes about one month to heal from the starting lesion. And now is the tougher issue of total STD exposures in all these sexual contacts. You may not know, but HSV sub-types of 1 and 2 are not regional anymore. Any HSV on or in the vulvovaginal tract can be transmitted by direct contact to any person. Of course the human mucus membranes of the mouth and vaginal area are the most receptive. Therefore multiple sex partners with oral-genital sex has a high transference potential for both HSV types as well as ALL other STDs. You are concerned about HSV, but of course there are others with much worse out comes than HSV. As you say, it is a waiting issue at this point. Even if your test results are negative. The false negative rates are real…sorry.I wish you wellness and peace in your journey!
Should I tell my ex’s new boyfriend about her stds?
Q: My ex-girlfriend and I both have genital warts and herpes. I told her about the herpes, she didn’t tell me about the warts until I had them. We’ve been living together for 3 years. About a month ago, she told me that she was bored and was going to start dating someone else. He turned out to be someone we both knew, and had been hanging out with a lot for the past 6 months. I considered him my friend.I’m conflicted about this because I feel like I should tell him for his sake, but at the same time , he took my girlfriend,.. Why should I do him any favors?
A: don’t render evil for evil but overcome evil with good.i’m sure you was not please when she did not told you about her warts.this is serious its s.t.d.tell you girlfriend to be with honest and tell him because if she don’t you will.you friend will thank you for protecting him.good luck.
Why is he doing this to me (GUYS Please read)?
Q: Okay so here’s the deal. I’ve known this guy for 4 years. We met in high school. We quickly became friends and started talking on the phone. He would talk about how he misses his ex girlfriend and how he still loves her and I would just be supportive and listen. He would also say things like “You have so many qualities that i love in a girlfriend” or “I just wanna hold you” He would also tell me that he only truly cares for two girls in his life and that was me and her. Somewhere in our long late night conversations and hanging out I started to forget about his ex and fell in love with him. We started sleeping together which made things confusing because he was like my best friend. So that’s a little history of how we met, jumping ahead 3 years.. Which would make this last year, we started hanging out about 3 times a week I’ve never been so close to anyone as him, our families don’t get along so sometimes we would sneak out and hang out. Last year after going to the doctors I found out I have herpes. I was so devastated and angry. The only thing I could think is I couldn’t believe he would give that to me. At this same time I was at the doctor I found out I was pregnant. So I called him to let him know what happened and he was shocked. The first thing we did is went to the doctors to see if he had it or if I had got it from 5 years before him. So we waited on the results and a couple weeks later found out he tested negative. I felt so bad. He called me a couple days after and insisted to see me so we did. We talked for awhile and ended up in his backseat he started kissing me and taking off my clothes and we had unprotected sex. Now heres the part that makes me think he loves me. When we were done having sex he took my hand and said “I didn’t just do it tonight to do it, I made love to you to show you how much I still care about you.” That’s the deepest thing someone has ever done for me. And I’ll never forget the song “Love you more” by ginuwine was playing. Now about the baby, I did want to keep it but we decided it was too early we’re only 19. He said when we’re 23 he wants to have my baby because he wants to finish school and all. We got in a huge fight after getting pulled over by the police and he saw that incident as a final sign that we shouldn’t be talking anymore. I haven’t talked to him in 4 months. I feel so lonely lost and confused. We got in such a big fight he even changed his number. The last thing he told me is “Things aren’t right anymore.” I feel like a used piece of trash and I just want to talk to him. He is the type who’s very hard headed and practically makes you beg to talk to him if you pissed him off,which I usually would do.The only way I have to get a hold of him is through the computer but I am very hesitant because I am afraid he won’t respond because I think hes really trying to get over me. On his myspace (its public) he has te song “Crazy” by K C and Jojo playing. I think its about me but then again could it possibly be about his ex.. Do you think its stalker-ish to contact him? I really need some closure or even if we could just be friends. I have thought about suicide since we haven’t been talking so this is how important it is to me.Thanks to who ever reads this!
A: Try and fail, but never fail to try. Talk to him. You guys have been through too much to let it all go over one silly argument, no matter how seminal it may have been. I’m sure he misses you too. Good luck.
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