Why does stomach cancer develop

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No one knows the exact causes of stomach cancer. Doctors often cannot explain why one person develops this disease and more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-stomach-cancer-develop ]
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How Does Stomach Cancer Develop?
The stomach is the sac-like organ located in the upper abdomen, under the ribs, which plays a role in the digestion of food. It connects the esophagus (e-SOF-a-gus), the tube that carries swallowed food, with the small intestine, which abso…
What are my chances for developing stomach cancer?
The following things affect a person’s chances of developing stomach cancer. Gender Men are twice as likely to develop stomach cancer than are women. Age Stomach cancer is most common in people between 50 and 70 years of age. Blood group A …
Who develops stomach cancer?
It is found mostly in people in their 60s and 70s. Men get stomach cancer twice as often as women. The disease is more common in blacks than in whites. Also, stomach cancer is more common in some parts of the world, such as Japan, Korea, pa…

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Why does cancer appear in some places more frequently than others?
Q: For example, people get tumors in their lungs, bladder, stomach, intestines, brain, breasts,and other organs but you never see anyone developing cancer on their fingers, feet, thighs, etc… Cancer is suppose to be able to develop on any tissue in the body so why does it appear more frequently in certain areas? Can someone please explain this to me, I really want to know.
A: It tends to occur more frequently in epithelial tissue because this type of tissue reproduces most frequently. Since it is the replication of cells that goes awry in cancer, it would follow that we would see cancer more frequently in cell types that divide more frequently.We are also more likely to see cancers in places that are most commonly exposed to carcinogens such as UV radition and environmental toxins. So for this reason, some of the most common cancer places for cancer are the skin, the lungs and the digestive track.
Why are pregnant women and children at a higher risk of developing leukemia and stomach cancer?
Q: I read this in a recent article:”…did find evidence that coffee may increase the risk of leukemia and stomach cancer, with the case for leukemia being strongest… people who may be vulnerable to these risks — for example pregnant women and children — should limit coffee consumption…” (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070501/hl_nm/coffee_good_dc )So why do pregnant women and children have a higher risk of developing leukemia & stomach cancer? It can’t be because of a weakend immune system because the elderly & sick have that & they weren’t mentioned. It can’t be because of age because kids are obviously not the same age as pregnant women. So what is the reason?I get what you’re trying to say — the end part almost confused me. Anyway it makes sense; I totally disregarded a lot of things when asking this question; esp. the hormone factor. Thanks for your input 🙂
A: The process of implantation of an embryo is a little similar to the one which allows a tumor to grow: both must allow a ‘parasitic’ organism to grow and evade the immune system somehow. How this is done, we have only a few known processes, and a faint idea. As for the process of growth in a child, it involves all kind of hormones which promotes cell division. Cancer cells have about the same biochemistry as the rest of the body, and that means that they will benefit also of all growth factors/immune protection afforded by the child/pregnant mother. An example of growth factor which may help a tumor to grow and is produced in higher amounts in children and pregnant women is VEGF, vascular epitelial growth factor, which allows a tumor to develop its blood vessel network.A pregnant mother getting cancer is a worst case scenario: it may hemper diagnosis, treatment is generally impossible (chemo & radiotherapy are out of the question), and growth factors are there to maximize tumor stimulation. That’s even more true of ER+ breast cancer which benefits from high level estrogen stimulation throughtout pregnancy.Another factor is that, like the elderly, immune function of children before adrenarch (age 7-8) is lower than that of an adult. That’s why children share a vulnerability to infections/some cancers with the elderly. If you look specifically at leukemia, for example, you find it in two particular age groups: kids and old people. We dont really understand everything specifically on those things, since the ‘immune system’ is far from understood at this time. Until very recently, it was even thought that there was no immune protection of the brain (now we know this protection is afforded by glial cells). This is my personal (sorry if a little fuzzy !) hypothesis.
Why might I have uncomfortable feelings in my lower stomach?
Q: Last month I was diagnosed with the HPV Virus. They said that it had already developed cancer cells, and I may have cervical cancer. How does someone tell you that and not make an appt for a whole month! I have an appt but not until May 10th, and I have recently (the last few days) been getting cramps… Not really painful, but uncomfortable. Where is your cervix located from the outside of the body… The lower stomach? I looked up HPV and read about it and I have all the symptoms of this virus, including lower back pains (which is also happening as a result of this uncomfortable feeling).. Please give me some information, personal or otherwise. Thanks!It gets worse after I urinate or when I sneeze.
A: in the dr office i work in we try to have people come back for a coloposcopy in about 3 or 4 weeks after an abnormal pap smear when the hpv has been detected.i am not sure if that is what you are having or just another pap smear which are both possibe depending on you dr. i think the cramps are unrelated to the cervix. maybe your nerves about the upcoming appt or an infection, vaginal or urinary. your cervix is attached to the bottom of your uterus which is in the far back of your vagina. this whole hpv thing is scaring alot of people who don’t know much about it. the only people who are developing a serious cervical cancer are people not going for their pap test and not following up to abnormal paps. most women have hpv and don’t even know it. you can have an abnormal pap and it may resolve itself do to irritation that was present at the time of your pap smear. your appt is coming up and they will answer all the questions you have. maybe ask you dr for more information about cervical changes and hpv. i know you will be fine take care.
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