Will eating a lot of sugar cause disease

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Eating excessive amounts of sugar can on the rare occasion cause an onset of diabetes; however that usually only happens to people predisposed to that disease already. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-eating-a-lot-of-sugar-cause-disease ]
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Will eating a lot of sugar cause disease
Eating excessive amounts of sugar can on the rare occasion cause an onset of diabetes; however that usually only happens to people predisposed to that disease already. ChaCha!

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Has anyone read the Kevin Trudeau books on curing disease and weight loss solutions?
Q: He talks about eating organic foods with no preservatives and how aspartame should have never gotten approved and how a tablespoon of coconut oil at breakfast and lunch will make your pants fall down in three days (from losing weight)…then he says that DMSO (an industrial solvent is fine to apply for pain). He talks about eating organic meat for breakfast, so that sounds similar to Adkins diet? No white bread or bread with honey or sugar (Is there such a recipe?).Does anyone know what the secret herbal cure for diabetes is that he claims the FDA will not allow him to mention that the Asian Diabetic Assoc says is a cure? The books are a lot of hype with not a lot of substance in my opinion. He says lupus and MS are not so much diseases as doctors putting a name on stuff that they can’t pinpoint a cause. What do you think about his books if you have looked at them?I saw him advertising for “free” the 2 curing disease books for shipping costs and it was $9.95 apiece for shipping the two books. I am reading it piecemeal from copies at the library and I would suggest to others to do that before buying the books as I do not see any obvious “cures” in them. There is generalized nutrition advice and general advice as to several potential causes to each of several diseases.I saw another YA question on this with some very interesting info about how he went to jail for 2 years for using people credit card numbers to enrich himself (besides buying his products) and how he is forbidden by the FDA in a 2004 agreement from hawking ANY product in an infomercial (but he ignores that agreement apparently)…here is the questionhttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsSXUwP2LuA_ir.DHZ308_RIzKIX?qid=20070224120221AAMYWtIThanks VnP for the input on the 2 rating of his books on Amazon. I got the impression that there is a lot of loosely organized “health tips” and “weight loss tips” (like drinking 8 glasses of water) and no real substance to the claims of “disease cures”…also thanks for the information on the “diabetic cure” and the debunking information about the companies that make it , hiding the place where they make it and making it under different names against the FDA crackdown on them….
A: I haven’t looked at his books personally,but just from watching the infomercial is immediately came off as propaganda to me.He was metioning that the cure to obesity was used by many celebrities and a “Princess”,and that you can lose a pound a day.Losing a pound a day isn’t healthy.Maybe I should read it before i judge,but it’s hard to believe.If something sounds too good to be true,it usually isn’t true.Here is a review from Amazon(notice the average rating is only 2 stars):I purchased this book from a website which sells Kevin Trudeau’s books and other propaganda. Please don’t waste your money! While the beginning of the book does provide valuable information regarding the food industry, food additives, etc there are many other books written about those same subjects which don’t have another agenda – the almighty dollar! “Fast Food Nation” for instance offers a good look at many of these same subjects without operating under the guise of providing the reader with an answer to their weight loss/gain issues. Information for the sake of informing the reader is the objective of books such as “Fast Food Nation” while this piece of trash has the objective of making someone spend their hard earned dollars to buy a book which delivers nothing but ridiculous weight loss “plans” and common sense hints. For instance, in Phase 1 you are advised to do such common sense things such as drink water, walk, eat breakfast, eat dinner before 6 p.m., eat salads, stay away from artificial sweetners, limit carbonated drinks, no fast food, etc. If these things I mentioned are not common sense to you then perhaps you should move out of the cave you are living in and turn on the tv, read a book or wake up the hamster which runs in the wheel in your head so the power to your brain can be turned on again. Also in Phase 1, however you are encouraged to get colonics every other day, use a colon clense product (of which he provides the websites for purchasing), take tons of natural/herbal supplements (also providing websites for purchasing), sweat 20 minutes a day in an infrared sauna, get sun (hard to do during the winter in the Northeast, I assure you), get as many massages as possible, do as many yoga sessions as possible (in addition to walking 1 hour a day, doing mini-trampoline exercising 5-10 minutes 1 or 2 times a day), listen to de-stressing cds (also available to purchase), lift weights (on top of the other activities you should do), etc. WHOA! Not only would you have to be rich (I’m sure Kevin is with sales of books, products and all the credit card scams he ran in the 90s-do a google search) but have no job or family since you won’t have time for any of those things while doing your new full-time Kevin Trudeau weight loss “job”. I know, personally, that weight loss and gain are a constant struggle however spending your money making some slimeball rich because he says he has the answer is not the way to do it. Speak with your doctor and he or she will be able to give you some guidelines. Then do those common sense things mentioned earlier and you’ll be on your way. However, most important is to do your best and LOVE YOURSELF as you are. http://www.amazon.com/Weight-Loss-Cure-They-About/dp/097878510XNatural “cure” for diabetes:http://alternativehealthsecrets.com/Diabetes.htmI’m pretty sure the “cure” is a fraud:http://chinese-school.netfirms.com/reviews/diamaxol-scam.html
eat healthy food everyday?
Q: How did you develop you current nutritional habits?Every individual has different nutritional habits some choose to eat healthy and some choose to eat unhealthy but the different between them is something individual are unaware. I hardly eat junks food even though they are the best things and really delicious I would love to have junks food but I don’t get time to eat. In the morning I usually have tea with a bread or cookies or probably nothing and for lunch I will have some sort of salad in school and when I go home I eat rice, chicken, vegetable anything my sister or my mom have cooked for me. Then I have to have something in the evening like fruits or juice because I usually work out in the evening so I need to have fruit or something to drink healthy and then I eat twice at night because I am awake for longer time so I need to eat and keep myself full my dinner is usually the same as lunch nothing really different unfortunately. I have developed this habit because I have been doing this for longer time and it was through my parents they cause me eat this many times but now they regret of making my habit that way because I finish everything at home. What is the relationship of food to health?Relationship to food to health is really big the way people act, talk or looks like really appears of what you take in to your stomach. Changes in our understanding of diet and health drive changes in the way foods are processed. On the other hand, what is available on the shelf will have an impact on the choices consumers make, thereby affecting their health. Studies have indicated that nutritional factors do contribute to the development of some of these diseases. After eating contaminated food, people can develop anything from a short, mild illness, often mistakenly referred to as “food poisoning,” to life-threatening disease. Right food can make you appear healthier physically mentally and emotionally. so choosing the right food is very important.What are the health problems that might occur from bad diet decisions?There is many health problems that can occur from bad diet decisions such as Eating junk food during pregnancy could have a bigger impact on childhood obesity, liver disease and diabetes. Almost one-third of children aged six to 19 and 12 per cent of infants in the United States are overweight, according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, and obesity is now the most prevalent nutritional disease of children and adolescents in the US. ” A high-fat diet in the womb may also affect the “appetite centre” of the brain. Also eating a lot of trans fats that contain partially hydrogenated oil probably increases the risk of heart disease. some diet also effects your breathe which many people are unaware of it such as Low-carb diets may be good for your waistline, but you might not be able to say the same for your breath. Bad breath in the low/no-carb sect is often caused by certain chemicals that are released in the breath as the body burns fat. They are called ketones, and entering into a fat-burning state of ketosis is the hallmark of the Atkins diet. It’s a difficult problem to solve because if one uses any sucking candy or lozenge, one has to be careful that it has no sugar in itWhy is permanent weight control best achieved by the combination of diet and exercise?When you eat healthy food and exercise you remain in shape and controlled and away from obesity that you might get from junks. You are much more healthier then the rest of other who choose to eat unhealthy food for there dinner, lunch and breakfast as you exercise you burn off your calories and fats which leads you to remain much more healthier then others. Your heart is healthier you remain free from being obese and any other physical or mental disease that might occur. You are just doing yourself a favor and minimize a lot of health issues and when you take in healthy food inside you remain healthy you feel better and lighter and just happier believe it or not eating healthy food really effects your brain and pressurize your mind in a healthier way.
A: It is good to eat nutritiously everyday….. You feel better, have more energy throughout the day, and feel happier all over……:)
How many fresh peaches are too many?
Q: Since peaches have been in season the last three weeks i have been eating a lot. I love peaches. They are my favorite fruit, but how many is too much? I eat like 6 to 8 peaches ever day. I don’t care about the calories or sugar because the peaches are taking the place of desserts. I just want to know if the peaches could cause and other problems or diseases. By the way peaches will be out of season in like two weeks so i will not eat them any more.
A: peaches will cause you no dietry problems but may infact help you lose weight and help reduce your blood pressurehope the link helps 🙂
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