Will flossing help cure gum disease

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Yes, you can actually cure a minor case of gum disease, or gingivitis, by flossing. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-flossing-help-cure-gum-disease ]
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Will flossing help cure gum disease
Yes, you can actually cure a minor case of gum disease, or gingivitis, by flossing. ChaCha!
How Proper Flossing Helps Fight Gum Disease
Stop Making Excuses: Use Floss or Another Interdental Cleaner Today! The fact that proper oral hygiene includes flossing is probably not a surprise. The American Dental Association (ADA) has repeated over and over again that using an interd…

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Has Anyone ever had (Or performed) Periodontal treatment done? Arestin? SRP treatment Wed. and very nervous!?
Q: Apparently I have a pretty bad case of periodontal disease and I am only 25! They told me I needed deep cleaning underneath my gums…And when they rated my build up I had a 5 on almost every tooth ( I believe 5 was the worst). Please only respond if you have experience receiving treatment or performing treatment. Not interested in people quoting from the web. I already researched it myself. Thanks!My Questions Are:1) Should I be as nervous as I am? I wont have any Nitrous Oxide..Only regular anastasia (Injection), And I am afraid of needles! Especially one that is going in my gum! Will it still hurt during the treatment? Will it hurt afterward? I have two appointments made. Each is a two hour long session. I fear that the first session will be brutal and then will make the second session next week even more threatening! Also, the treatment is being done by a hygienist and not a Periodontist. Should I be worried? 2) Will this be the only treatment I will ever need? Or is there cases where the hygienist will have to do it all over again? Assuming that I start brushing my teeth 2x daily, flossing, and maintaining proper homecare. Is the disease ever fully revered from this procedure, and completely cured?3) My Dentist was also pressuring me about using Arestin (minocycline HCI 1mg). I would have to pay it out of pocket…But after doing research on the web I found a lot of dentists claiming that it does not help at all, and that it is a money making scam. I would prefer not to use it (Money issues, and I kind of agree with these dentists).. Does anyone have any experience using Arestin? Is it worth it? Or can I get the SRD treatment alone and still be cured? 4) Do you think they will let me have headphones with loud music playing during the procedure? I would hope that this may take my mind off of the procedure. 5) The dentist never mentioned any antibiotics. Am I supposed to be put on some kind of antibiotic afterward?
A: Hey dude, I just had my deep cleaning done a few weeks ago. They also told me I had periodontal disease too. To tell you the truth, deep cleaning isn’t bad at all trust me. DONT be NERVOUSI had injection( anastasia), I don’t think, I use Arestin. ( Mine is not severe periodontal)I was listening to my ipod when everything get done. Usually they do per quadrant of your mouth. Half and HalfWell, after you done with this treatment, YOU HAVE TO FLOSS, HAVE TO FLOSS SERIOUSLY. I floss almost 3 times aday or even 5 times a day. Mostly after eat something. FLOSS really help to prevent the build up. I barely floss, thats why I had periodontal disease.I didn’t take any antibiotics. It wasnt bad honestly.GOOD LUCK. YOU GOTTA DO THE DEEP CLEANING, UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR TEETH FALL OUT SOON.
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