It is almost 10pm . I dread this time of night because that means it is almost bedtime. For the last three days I have went to bed, I have been awake all night. I am sleepy at school because I can’t sleep at night. Why can’t I sleep at night, well I will tell you. It is because there is something or someone under my bed.

Like I said it started three days ago. I went to bed normally like I do every night at 10pm . As I got into the bed and was getting comfortable, I heard a noise. I did not think anything of it but I heard it again and again. It sounded as if someone was moving around under there. It seemed as if they were ready to make a move at any minute.

I wanted to scream but I could not. I wanted to jump out of bed and sleep with my parents, but how could I make it to the door before it got me. I did not dare try to move and I did not dare to look to see what was under my bed.

Why couldn’t it just be daylight already so I could get up and go to school? Wow! I cannot believe I would rather go to school, you know I must be afraid.

Well it is 10pm and I get in the bed and there it goes. By 10:15pm I am in full panic mode. On this night it is even worse because it is thundering and lightning which makes it even scarier because the sounds under the bed seem louder than the thunder.

It is getting louder and louder, I know something is about to happen. I need to do something. I need to look under the bed and see what is under there. I cannot take this anymore.

It is now or never, you only live once. I am going to look. As I turn over to look under the bed, I know this could be it. Is it a mass murderer, escaped psych patient, serial killer looking for a new victim? Well, here goes nothing. As I go to the edge of the bed, the alarm clock goes off.

Time to get up sleepy head, my mother says. Another nightmare averted. I am ok for another day. at least till 10pm tonight.

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