12 Signs for “Iron ” Relationship

Why some couples remain together for decades , while others break up before commemorate first anniversary ? Everyone are fighting for love dream to grow old with person next to us . There are some surprising signs for “armored” relationship.

You spend together more time in real world than virtual world .

Social networks have contributed to the collapse of many real relationships . If you find someone in the network whether old or new love thrills discuss it with your partner .

Defend your personal rights

Passed the time when the woman was doing everything to be happy her man . Today’s men appreciate a woman if she defends her opinion . Everyone has the right to retreat in harmonious couple . The relationship is more stable when the roles are changed – also applies in bed .

You can laugh with his jokes

This is a very good sign . Laughter reduces stress levels no matter how tense you are now . Sense of humor helps in the most difficult situations while stress can alienate you from private life and successful partnership . Laugh together often . Laugh together while watching a comedy after the movie you make feel closer .

You refused cigarettes

The relationship has greater chances to survive because the more common habits and values are shared by partners . If one of you is a smoker risk to brake up is higher than couples with equal status – smoking or no smoking . So if your partner doesn’t smoke but you smoke it’s worth to stop smoking not only live longer , but you will spend more years together .

One of you is always ready to be reconciled

Do you forgive after first quarrel ? Don’t regret ! Importantly is don’t be angry each other for a days . Is enough one of both to fly the flag of truce quickly to survive a couple if both are grouches chance are halved . Everyone has their threshold of patience .

Finish your sentences

This sign indicates that you are tuned to a wave this is great for your relationship . The harmonic couples shall be understand without words but when they speak often using the same phrases without noticing this .

Sleep well

Insufficient sleep can fail an important day but there are worse. They destroy your relationship . Bad night’s sleep affects mood and relationships during the day and vicious circle is closed with a following sleepless night . So if someone has trouble sleeping – get help to avoid break up .

You don’t use your bed only for sleep

This is especially important for couples with a long life together still they “remember” that the bedroom is for sex then their relationship is “iron” . Regular and satisfying sex fills the gap of happiness that have partners with advancing years . Do it spontaneously rather than scheduled because lost the pleasant of surprise .

You have a good balance between work and rest

In some professions ( teachers , doctors ) divorces are more common because people can’t exclude at the end of day they really continue to think about patients , students . It exhausted them mentally and depriving them of time for their family . Instead of change profession – find the balance between work and rest . Let the official care of the doorstep and enjoy your personal life and satisfying relationship .

You often say “Yes” to your partner

You often say “Yes ” to your partner not only in bed but also in everyday life . How many times a day partner hear positive rather than negative phrases can guess if they have a common future . If counted five pleasant and positive comments against any negative scores then the connection is stabile .

There is no need to ask him to throw a garbage

Just because he remembers . Sharing household chores and ranks is third thing after good sex and faithfulness in the list of 10 most important things for happy relationship . Don’t separate the work of male and female if he loves to cook let’s do it .

You say “Thank you “

Couples constantly doing little things for each other in their joint partnership but over time thank to wean . The expression of this feeling with a single word can lift your mood and your spouse to get a smile in the most difficult moment . And to continue doing things to give thanks .

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