2 Concepts to a Successful Business

It seems like I’ve always had my own business. Even as a kid, I was always doing side jobs that paid more than I ever made being an employee of someone else. In some ways it’s a difficult existence, but in other ways it’s very liberating to have your own business. Since being a sole proprietor is something I’ve done most of my life, I’ve been able to work when others couldn’t find a job. A few key ingredients have made it possible for every business I’ve had to be a successful one.

Customer Service

No matter what kind of a business you’re in, customer service has to be all about the customer. You have to know the details of the people you serve and you have to know what your goal is as you service them.

My businesses have always been about providing a service to low income people. As a daycare owner, I was qualified to receive payment from the state for those who couldn’t afford daycare. I also provided other services, such as helping mothers find other forms of assistance, going to school and even finding jobs. My remodeling business catered to veterans and senior citizens. Today, most of my writing is aimed at parents who are trying to survive in this economy. These are the people that I know and can relate to, which means I will better serve them than I would if I couldn’t relate to them.

Stand Out Above the Rest
No matter what business you get into, you need to make yourself standout above the rest. This way when people are looking for the service you provide, you do more than just provide a service. You do it with a signature style. Most of my services have included an education feature, whether it meant educating children in a daycare, showing homeowners proper maintenance to avoid further repair costs or educating parents with a dash of humor.

One of the best ways to standout above the rest is to personalize your service. People want to know that it’s all about them. You can do this in a variety of ways. Give discounts to specific social groups, like senior citizens or single moms. Keep track of services provided so they never have to repeat themselves. In short, know your customers.

Keep track of all finances. A business can end quickly with an unsatisfactory audit!
Source: Personal Experience

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