2 Drinking Dice Games

These are some great games that can played with friends that involve alcohol and dice. These types of games are very popular among college students and can be a great way to have a good time.


All you need for this game is a couple of friends, some alcohol, probably beer and a set of dice. First, each person rolls a dice to determine who the ‘3-man’ will be. The person who rolls the lowest number on the dice will be the ‘3-man’. This means that every time there is a three rolled, either on one dice, two or if the numbers add up to three, the ‘3-man’ must drink. The only way to get rid of ‘3-man’ is if the three man rolls a three when it’s his or her turn to roll.

Each player takes turns rolling the dice. The numbers on the dice can mean some if:

A Seven is rolled, the person to the right of the roller takes a drink

An eleven is rolled, the person to the left takes a drink

A ten is rolled, everybody drinks

A person keeps rolling until they roll a number that doesn’t mean anything.
It can also be fun to add this: if a person rolls the dice five or more times, they are able to make a rule. There should never be more than three rules in play in a single game.


This can be a pretty intense drinking game and should not be played with liquor. For this game you need only dice, a cup of whatever size you deem appropriate and some friends. A cup is placed in the center of the table. Each player takes turns rolling the dice. If that player rolls a seven or an eleven, they take the cup from the center and pour however much beer they desire into that cup. They then place that cup in front of one of the other players. As soon as that person touches the cup, the roller begins to roll the dice, if another seven or eleven is rolled before they finish it, they then pour more into the cup.

If another player wants to, they may grab the cup from in front of the person and drink it for them but the next cup goes to them if a seven or eleven is rolled during the time they are drinking. If doubles are rolled, the last person to put their thumb on the table must keep it there until another double is rolled. If a three is rolled, the last person to touch their nose must keep their finger on their nose until another three is rolled. The dice is passed after each turn, unless that person continues rolling sevens or elevens while the drinker drinks the cup.

The rules that are stated with these games can be changed depending on the preference of the people playing. These games can be good fun at parties. However, it is important to note that people playing these games should drink alcohol responsibly and not attempt to drive after partaking in playing either of these games. Have fun playing and above all be safe and have a good time!

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