2011 College Football Playoff: Sweet and Simple Championship Game

The Sweet and Simple (SAS) College Football Playoff format, an alternative to the current Bowl Championship Series (BCS), includes the champions from each of the eleven Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) conferences, plus the independent team with the best win-loss record. These twelve teams are seeded into a standard sixteen team bracket, ranked in order based on the strength of the conference they play in, with the top four teams having a first round bye. To see the ranking score for each conference and/or results of the previous games, you may use the supporting links at the bottom of this article.

At last, we have reached the 2011 SAS NCAA National Championship Game, between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and Oregon Ducks. As both teams are ranked in the top three nationally in scoring, we expect a high-scoring game.

Our box score shows the scoring by quarter, but not the detail of how the points were scored. The line listing shows Team Rank and name, 1st quarter points, 2nd quarter points, 3rd quarter points, 4th quarter points, Total Points

National Championship Game:

Game #11.
#1 Oklahoma State, 10, 35, 14, 7 = 66
#6 Oregon
, 14, 14, 6, 14 = 48

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are the National Champions!

Those who have followed the SAS Playoff from the beginning will remember we promised to reveal the simple rule being used to simulate these games. One flaw in the system used is that it favors high-scoring teams, but we were still able to show what a playoff might have looked like. The rules used were as follows:

1. Coin flip in each game. Heads to the team listed first, Tails to the team listed second.
2. The team winning the coin flip uses scores from regular season games 1, 4, 7, and 10.
3. The team losing the coin flip uses scores from regular season games 2, 5, 8, and 11.
4. Coin toss winner receives the points they scored in the regular season as follows:
Round one: 1st quarter game 1, 2nd quarter game 4, 3rd quarter game 7, and 4th quarter game 10.
Round two: 2nd quarter game 1, 3rd quarter game 4, 4th quarter game 7, and 1st quarter game 10.
Round three: 3rd quarter game 1, 4th quarter game 4, 1st quarter game 7, and 2nd quarter game 10.
Championship: 4th quarter game 1, 1st quarter game 4, 2nd quarter game 7, and 3rd quarter game 10.
5. Coin toss loser receives points in a similar manner, except from regular season games 2, 5, 8, and 11.

Using Oklahoma State’s Championship Game scoring as an example.
1st quarter = 10 pts. This was from 4th quarter of their regular season game 1 vs Arizona.
2nd quarter = 35 pts. From 1st quarter of regular season game 4 vs Kansas.
3rd quarter = 14 pts. From 2nd quarter of regular season game 7 vs Baylor
4th quarter = 7 pts. From 3rd quarter of regular season game 10 vs Iowa State.

I hope those who followed this series of articles found the games to be entertaining.

The 2011 SAS College Football Playoffs is a BCS Playoff Alternative. It may be fantasy, but it sure beats the current system.

Source: espn.com




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