3 Reasons Why Your African American Hair Isn’t Getting Longer

Have you always wanted longer hair only to find out that it is more difficult than just waiting on it to grow? It can be frustrating when you think you have tried everything in your power to grow longer, stronger hair and nothing works. However, you could be doing some harsh things to your hair that you didn’t believe was harsh at all. Here are the top three reasons why your African-American hair may not be getting any longer.

Over-processing. Over-processing occurs when a chemical product has severely damaged the hair strands. This can be tricky, because after a chemical treatment, such as a relaxer, the hair may look healthier when it really may have did some major damage to your hair. After about six weeks, over-processing can be evident due to severe breakage. However, some women may not experience much breakage all at once, but may break off a little at a time. Everyone’s hair is different.

Not Protecting the ends of the hair. African American hair tends to be more dry at the ends than the roots. When the hair is worn down, the ends have direct contact with rough fabrics such as cotton. Fabric that harsh causes the ends to become more dry and eventually cause them to break off. This gives you the impression that your hair isn’t growing. In reality, hair is always growing. The key is to keep the hair that grows out on your head long enough to witness longer strands. In order for the hair to grow longer, the ends should be kept away for long periods of time. That way, they could not break off.

Cutting too often. Cutting is not bad for the hair, especially if you have split ends, but cutting off too much at a time could give you the idea that your hair isn’t growing at all. About 2/4-1 inch of hair should be cut every 4-12 weeks if you visibly have split ends. if you don’t, then there is no need to cut. If you are cutting off about 3-4 inches of hair in that small amount of time, you will never reach your terminal hair length. This is due to the fact that you are cutting off more hair than the average human hair grows which is .5-1 inch a month!

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