4 Ways to Use Lally Columns

Those columns in your basement that seem to take up precious space actually do have a purpose and a name. Called lally columns, they are adjustable columns used to help bear the load of the building. The columns are made of steel and filled with concrete or hollow, as needed for the project. Lally columns have a large screw at the top that builders use to adjust the column to the space. Placing a lally column requires a little more detail, however.

Place a lally column spaced in intervals along a beam when building a home. Dig the foundation for the basement and pour the cement. Let it cure the amount of time disclosed in the package instructions, usually about seven days. Place the lally column on the cement and jack it up under the beam.

Position a lally column under a sagging support beam to offer additional support. Position it on the foundation cement and hoist the lally column to the desired height. You may need to use a hydraulic jack to lift the house to fit the lally column.

Use the lally columns as temporary support for a floor that will be repaired, a renovation in which the original support column had to be removed, or to support the beam while a fix is curing. Take the lally column down after using it. The column can be reused many times.

Lally columns can be replaced to provide more room in a basement. Steel beams, plates and channels are all alternatives to lally columns. Lally columns can be very heavy, some around 400 pounds. Take care in moving them by using a crane or partners, especially when hoisting the column. Unless you have experience in removing and placing the columns, seek the advice of a professional before attempting the project.

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