A Santa Fe Christmas

It seems like the years are flying by faster and faster. Christmas is quickly approaching. I can’t help but reminisce about Christmas’ past. My fondest memories of Christmas always begin with family, of course. We have HUGE family get togethers, usually on Christmas Eve, where we have a ton of family members join us for our traditional Christmas dinner of carne adovada and posole and then sing Christmas carols until every one gets too tired to sing anymore. It is an incredible time of fellowship and food. It’s one of the few opportunities to catch up on everyone’s lives and just spend some quality time as a family.

The past few years, I have not been able to take part in the most popular tradition in Santa Fe, which is walking down a beautifully decorated Canyon Road. In high school we had to assemble luminarias and decorate all of the gorgeous homes and museums that requested it. It was so much fun. They are so simple, but time consuming. They are made out of a brown lunch bag, sand, and a votive candle. We also had to light them and walk Canyon Road to check on them and make sure they stayed lit. I’ll never forget the first time I walked Canyon Road. It was freezing cold but the street was absolutely packed with people. Some people had their dogs decorated with reindeer antlers, elf hats, and Christmas sweaters. I even saw one with Christmas lights on his vest! The group of people was so diverse. You had the wealthy wearing their fur coats, hats, and scarves to some time of radical religious guy who was wearing a robe and was walking barefoot! Mostly, it was packed with the average type of person, like me. No one really seemed to care who they were walking along side of though. Everyone is captured by the magical ambience surrounding this experience. Everyone seems content to share this magical experience with whomever is willing to brave the cold.

If ever one has the opportunity to visit our unique Santa Fe during Christmas time, walking Canyon Road on Christmas Eve is a MUST! Find your way downtown too to see the Plaza square beautifully decorated and the ice sculptures! It is INCREDIBLE!

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