American Idol 2012

“American Idol” night one exploded with a good handful of “American Idol” hopefuls to keep an eye on. One of the first things most avid “AI” fans are sure to be talking about tomorrow is how much more seasoned Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler seem to be this year. Clearly all the judges will be looking for the cream of the crop this year more so than ever before; after all “AI” wants to make sure they stay on top in the ratings.

Some of this year’s “American Idol” standouts were:

Phillip Phillips, with his take on “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder. For one this young singer has an unforgettable name and a very personable magnetism about him that will most likely win over many fans. As well as he plays the guitar amazingly well and I’m sure many will see him as a Casey Abrams like personality.

W. T. Thompson was another unforgettable personality with a good ole country boy appeal and heart warming story pushing him to win the hearts of many. At first he seemed like just any other country hopeful until they told his story of having quit his job to follow his dream, which by itself in this economy is tough on anyone. However then everyone learns that his wife is six and a half months pregnant and fully supported him to do this before the baby comes. All I can say is many will be rooting for him to at least make it far enough that he can do something with his talent.

Ashlee Altise was one contestant that got a golden ticket that most likely took many dedicated fans by surprise. She was a little over the top with her dance called “Joy Hop”. However her vocals on “Come Together” by The Beatles were basically middle of the road in other words, “not bad, yet not anything to scream about”. After all most fans feel that “AI” pushes through some contestants just to add spice and variety to the show.

Brittany Kerr an NBA dancer only belted out a few choice lines from “Spoiled” by Joss Stone but most fans of “AI” probably could already tell she had the men vote, since the cameraman took his time panning her body from feet to head showing off her amazing physique.

Another contestant that has a winning personal story is Lauren Mink from Winchester, Kentucky who nervously performed “Country Strong”. Her story of working with people with disabilities most likely touched many viewers, as well as the judges. Jennifer even stated she got the “goosies” a term that she used last season whenever she got goose bumps while a contestant was performing.

Shannon Magrane, the fifteen-year-old daughter of “Joe Magrane” who pitched in the World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals showed massive talent and poise as she belted out “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” by Etta James. A really beautiful girl with a really beautiful powerful voice she should be one to watch.

Lastly to watch is Colton and Schylar Dixon; a brother and sister pair that last year didn’t make it. Many fans of the show will most likely remember them, Schylar Dixon sang “Breakeven” by The Script. However Schylar seemed a bit disgruntled while standing on the sidelines when her brother Colton performed “Permanent” by David Cook. While their talent still needs a little work it was most definitely obvious to most “AI” fans that the show will have them squaring off in Hollywood.

Night two of the “American Idol” auditions started off in a big way with a young 22-year-old Korean-American, Heejun Han. This young man really surprised all the judges with his terrific voice despite his seemingly little confidence in his ability. His vocals on Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” were spot on.

Next aspiring singer was Reed Grimm, who sang his own unique rendition of the theme song from “Family Matters”, which undoubtedly most “AI” fans thought was a little off the wall and over the top.

Creighton Fraker was another extremely unique personality that showed up on the “AI” stage singing his own little number he wrote while taking a bus ride from New York to Pittsburgh. He stated he couldn’t really decide what to sing for his audition, so he had just decided to write his own. However once he got done the judges asked him to sing a few lines from any song of his choosing, which really turned out according to the judges to be worth the wait and the golden ticket was his.

Another contestant was adorable little 15-year-old Eben Franckewitz who sang “Ain’t No Sunshine”. This young man was almost too cute for words and stole most certainly many young “AI” fans hearts.

Later in the show came 25-year-old Erika Van Pelt, who stated that she was a mobile DJ and wedding singer. However to many “AI” fans she really wasn’t anything to get overly excited about since her vocals of Carole King’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” were stereotypical of most wedding songs she had probably been use to belting out. As well as she was a tad bit over dramatic with her vocals, it would have been better if she had just sung the song normally.

In many “Idol” watchers opinion however the last contestant Howie Day stole the night. She was a definite Deborah Harry look-alike and her irresistible heart-wrenching story of coming back from depression was impressive to say the least. She easily belted out “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor and finished off the night in style.

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