Butter Tea

Heard of tea with tea leaves, milk and sugar or just black tea without milk and with honey…but what is this Butter Tea?

I have always been fascinated with the lives of Tibetans, don’t know why I feel so connected and always try to explore more and more about them. Discovery and Nat Geo have been a good source for me to catch up with some of the best documentaries on Tibet.

The simple life midst of difficult climatic conditions, Buddhist following and their beautiful monasteries, high altitude mountains, their sheep rearing have always been an admiration to me. The Chant of OM followed by the Buddhist verses gives celestial vibrations reaching the soul within the mind and the body.

I have seen them drinking a special Tea, however wanted to know what are the ingredients.

To my surprise it is made of Tea leafs, butter and salt- A butter Tea! They call it Po cha. This drink, which gives them immense energy, also helps to prevent chapped lips during extreme cold weather conditions.

Guest honoring is an integral part of Tibetans, and they do it at first by serving the butter tea. So all you who have some Tibetans friends, do not forget to visit their homes and get to taste their unique tea :)

If you think you can try making it yourself at your homes…. then STOP… please be informed that the Tibetans have a special tea churn (its like a Cylinder) to prepare it. The tea is boiled for more than half a day and then put into these churns and shake well adding butter and salt.

So … Is it not a good idea to visit a Tibetan friend and get to know their special Tea!

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