Causes for Slow PC

There is an inevitable issue that as time goes by, any computer users would encounter the issue of slow PC. A Slow Computer issue is actually directly related to the performance of your PC. There are a number of symptoms that can be the direct result of the more common PC issues that many users face today. Users might begin to experience a slow and drawn out Windows startup process. They might also experience very poor response times with the common applications or programs that they are used to using. Slow PC symptoms can also include delayed responses to common file and folder commands that are issued. When users experience these types of symptoms, they are not able to get as much out of their computer when it comes to processing speed and capability. Therefore, their overall productivity level is negatively affected, which is the primary reason to fix slow PC

You may wonder why pc slow. Well, there are also numerous factors that would lead to slow PC:
Virus: – Viruses are one of the most prominent reasons behind poor performance, slow PC and many other issues in your PC.
Using a good antivirus is the solution. Actually safe browsing is also the key to avoid virus infection. Internet is the gateway of all kinds of virus, spyware, malware, Trojan horses, and other malicious entries. Try using safe browsing so that chances will be reduced or get minimized. In this section I would also like to add all the malicious entries apart from a virus infection such as Trojan horse, a spyware, worm etc. They are equally responsible for making a PC slow or creating many similar issues that can affect your PC’s performance in any way.

Excessive programs: – If many programs are installed in a PC they create havoc in the PC. Many program might also conflict with each other, reduce processing rate and increase CPU time drastically, the result is pc is very slow. Uninstall those unneeded programs then you will save your hard disk space and minimize slow PC issue.

More than one antivirus program installed in PC- I have seen people install many antivirus program freeware and paid one in order to fix Slow Computer issue or to enhance performance of a PC. If there are more than one antivirus programs installed in a PC, they conflict and create many issues in a PC. So there is no wonder why pc is running slow. Performance of a computer system gets affectedly severely and resulting in slow performance of the PC. If it is a case with you please just uninstall other antivirus than one.

Registry problems: – Registry is core and indispensable part of any windows operating system. If a registry is corrupted it produces many problems in a PC. Slow PC is one of them. Apart from this if registry is not functioning well it also affects other standard functions and services of windows. So Fix registry is very important task for speedup any computer.

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