Celebrating 60 Years of Miss Universe: 42nd Miss Universe 1993 Mexico City (Mexico). History!

Mexico City (benefited from the many infrastructure projects that were provided for the 1990 Central American and Caribbean Games) is the Miss Universe Country 1993! The next edition of the event will be held in the Philippines (Asia).

2.Panama’s expert Rolando Espino, who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Miss Universe, predicts triumph of Dayanara Torres. Mr. Espino has become one of the world’s most famous experts of 20th Century Latin American female beauty.

3.Jacqueline Onassis-Kennedy is in Miss Universe? Apparently. Miss Brazil 1993, Leila Schuster, travels to Caracas (Venezuela) to prepare for two weeks with Osmel Sousa for the Miss Universe title. With her physical resemblance to America’s former First Lady Jacqueline Onassis-Kennedy, she becomes the first favorite from Brazil at MU since July 1982. With its Venezuelan-trained-beauty queen, Brazil makes the semis in the United Mexican States.

4.The host country has a difficult go-around in the universal event: Miss Mexico Angelina Gonzales is not called among the 10 semi-finalists.

5.Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico is the new MU! There are celebrations for the island, after Torres’ win. However, behind them is another Latino delegate: Paula Betancourt of Colombia. Venezuela’s Milka Chulina finishes third. As a 17-year-old, Torres competed at Miss Teenager International in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) some months earlier, where she was unable to win the trophy. On the other hand, Puerto Ricans in San Juan, the island’s capital, who had watched the event live on television were pouring onto streets.

6. Who is who in MU? : Miss Venezuela! Long-haired Milka Chulina of Venezuela,who is of Croatian background, does not win the tournament, but she still achieved something no other delegate has in four decades: sets a world-record score (9.843 points!) in the second round at Mexico City on May 21. Nobody had achieved even one 9.8 before. Ironically Chulina did not get support from one of the international judges: the Cuban-born Venezuelan singer and actress Maria Conchita Alonso, a former candidate for Miss Venezuela in 1975. On that occasion, Alonso (at the time Miss Distrito Federal, after winning the Miss Teenager of the World in 1972) had been defeated by the Osmel Sousa-backed candidate Maritza Pineda (Miss Nueva Esparta) in the finals of the pageant. Many Venezuelans think that Conchita Alonso took revenge on Osmel Sousa for what he did at Miss Venezuela in the mid-1970s.

7.Among the judges are Jose Luis Cuevas (Mexico), one of the most important painters in the Western Hemisphere.

8.World-class beauties from around the world, including Margaret Gardiner (South Africa) and Barbara Palacios (Venezuela), are invited to attend the opening ceremony of MU.

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